Free AIHA COVID-19 Resources

White paper

Surface Disinfection Practices Using Germicidal Ultraviolet Radiation

This White Paper addresses only occupational exposures to UV light from artificial sources.

Guidance Document

Personal Protective Equipment for SARS-CoV-2

This fact sheet by member Tom Fuller and Michele Smith is for workers who expect to be in contact with known or potentially contagious clients or members of the public during their jobs, such as nurses, physicians, law enforement, maintenance, etc.

Guidance Document

AIHA's RTDS Committee Provides Guidance Document for COVID-19

AIHA’s Real Time Detection Systems (RTDS) Committee has prepared some considerations where instrumentation and data could support the protection of public and occupational health during this pandemic event.

Guidance Document

Workplace Cleaning for COVID-19 Guidance Document

This guidance PDF, provided by AIHA's Indoor Environmental Quality Committee, details implementable procedures to reduce the risk of workers, contractors, vendors, customers, and members of the community becoming infected on their premises.

Free Recording

Addressing COVID-19- Ask an Industrial Hygienist

AIHA member Christopher Kuhlman, PhD, CIH, recently presented in an AWO webinar, sharing about his ongoing work with maritime employers during this crisis, and featured discussion on vessel decontamination, transmission prevention, and more.

Free Infographic Resource

AIHA's Ergonomics Guide (for Work-from-Home Workers)

With so many people needing to telework during this crisis, AIHA wants to help you remain healthy while working from home. Follow these tips to make the most of your home office setup and stay healthy and fit while doing your best work.

Free PDF Resource

Recovering from COVID-19 Building Closures

COVID-19 poses a significant challenge for building owners to protect their assets and ensure they are ready to reoccupy once the pandemic subsides. This free PDF on building recovery was developed by the AIHA Indoor Environmental Quality Committee.

Free recording

AIHA and APIC present free webinar for IH and IP professionals

"Ventilation, surface disinfection and PPE considerations" addresses gaps of knowledge regarding ventilation, respirators, construction issues, OH&S, and business. AIHA members may view the recording for free through the link below.