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Don’t Miss Out on eLearning

By Ina Xhani

By now you are aware of AIHA’s eLearning subscription packages, and some of you have already subscribed and benefited from the early-bird special we ran at the end of 2018. Kudos to you! However, you might be pushing it off for later—or even thinking maybe it’s okay for your group to skip a subscription this year. What could you possibly miss out on?

Well, your group would be missing out on:

  • Easy access, speed, and efficiency.

The eLearning subscription is easily accessible, whenever you want, provided you have a laptop and internet connection.

  • Saving money and time.

Time is money; with an eLearning subscription, you can save both. You don’t have to relocate, take a day off, or go to a classroom to participate. With pricing conveniently tailored to group size, the subscription is an affordable group training option.

  • Boosting knowledge on IH technical content.

Through AIHA’s eLearning subscription, each person on your roster can earn up to 20 contact hours toward their certification. Give your team the ability to enhance their knowledge and further their careers without even leaving their desks.

  • Peace of mind.

You read that right! An eLearning subscription guarantees automatic registration for 2019 AIHA live educational webinars for primary and secondary contacts. Everyone in your group will get automatic access to the webinar recordings and select OnDemand sessions in their online classroom. Subscribe today and wipe away the fear that you might miss a registration deadline or a great OnDemand session. 

What are you waiting for? Head over to the 2019 eLearning subscription page​ and claim your subscription package today. It’s the most cost-effective way to stay on top of the hottest topics and issues affecting your profession.

Ina Xhani​ is A
IHA’s communications specialist. 


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