September 19, 2018 / Larry Sloan and Laura Cilano Garcia

AIHA's Hamilton Club: An Elite Group of Partners

Last year AIHA introduced

the Hamilton Club, a program that recognizes an exclusive group of industry partners. Through their financial generosity, these sponsors are engaging with AIHA at the highest levels, supporting our newly approved missionempowering those who apply scientific knowledge to protect all workers from occupational hazards.

In an effort to create more meaningful partnerships with Hamilton Club members, we decided to hit the road and travel to the Twin Cities, where AIHce EXP 2019 will be held. St. Paul happens to be the home of two of our top partners, 3M and TSI, so we arranged visits with both companies. The purpose of these visits was to learn more about the businesses that support the IH/OH profession and explore opportunities for them to extract greater value from their relationship with AIHA.

During both visits, we:

  • met with decision-makers responsible for approving their company’s participation in the Hamilton Club;
  • learned about technologies behind some of the companies’ best-selling products;
  • gleaned a sense of the companies’ business development strategies;
  • engaged in open dialogue as to how the companies could maximize return on their investment, with a focus on AIHA’s research priorities and how the companies might help advance our educational resources; and
  • received a top-notch comprehensive tour of their facilities.

Our Hamilton Club members are committed to the IH/OH profession, and AIHA is committed to helping them support our members in their efforts to better protect worker health. The IH/OH profession is a relatively small industry, comprising highly educated individuals who are passionate about safeguarding worker health and safety and selfless in giving back to communities who lack the basic protections we take for granted here in the U.S. They rely on companies to continuously develop more protective technologies, products, and services. In this way, the goals of AIHA and its members are aligned with the companies that serve the IH/OH industry.

AIHA is most grateful to our 15 Hamilton Club partners. Companies that are interested in learning about Hamilton Club benefits will find more information on the AIHA website.

Larry Sloan and Laura Cilano Garcia

Larry Sloan is AIHA’s CEO.

Laura Cilano Garcia is AIHA’s program director for Strategic Partnerships


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