October 24, 2017 / Brigette Polmar

#IAmIH: Don’t Let a Lapse Become a Slump

Industrial hygienist Eric Dangoy recently received his Masters in Industrial Hygiene from the University of Illinois in Chicago. His formal education may be complete for now, but like any industrial hygienist, Dangoy is always learning. For two years he’s turned to AIHA to help him keep up on the latest industry news and trends. And while school may be over, his membership with AIHA is really just beginning.

“It is important to renew my membership [in AIHA] in order to receive news on the most current developments and happenings in my field,” said Dangoy. “Maintaining any paid memberships is a relative financial challenge, but renewed AIHA membership is one that is keeping me focused professionally and, in no small part, legitimizes my dedication to professional safety and hygiene.”

An active member of the AIHA Greater Chicago Chapter, he encourages members to stay engaged. “Being a member of AIHA has helped me feel welcome in some sort of professional community. I would tell members approaching renewal that an actively maintained membership is a prime mover in being an active and advancing professional,” he said, warning, “A lapse easily becomes a slump and, as a result, professional development and personal motivation will likely begin to stall.”

There’s no stall in sight for Dangoy, who envisions a career in laboratory safety. “AIHA is a good organization to help you move to the next step—that is, becoming a professional industrial hygienist. I would like to do something that involves protecting workers, especially in lab settings that work with fume hoods.”

At AIHce EXP 2017, Dangoy used the Career Advantage​ resources to build his resume profile and received a resume critique. Now he’s ready to graduate once again—this time from an AIHA student membership to a professional membership.

“As I approach renewal from student to professional member status, I will be considering the level of employer willingness to support professional membership in AIHA in my future career choices,” Dangoy said. Until then, I am prioritizing AIHA renewal fees within my budget due to the past, as well as potential, benefits of continued membership.”

For more information about AIHA membership, visit the AIHA website​.

Brigette Polmar

Brigette Polmar is a professional brand journalist who covers the industrial hygiene profession, AIHA member news, AIHce EXP, and more. A former Washington correspondent and broadcast journalist, Polmar is the founder of Brand Spoken, specializing in industry-specific coverage on paper, online, and on the air.


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