June 13, 2023 / Mark Ames

Rise to the Challenge: Inspiring the Next Generation with the I Am IH Leadership Challenge

You have a burning desire to inspire the next generation of occupational and environmental health and safety professionals, and AIHA is here to support you. I'm excited to share that AIHA has launched the 2023 edition of the I Am IH Leadership Challenge!

This year we're challenging you to meet with as many students, teachers, guidance counselors, school leaders, college professors, and policymakers as possible. Don't keep your profession a secret—shout it from the rooftops! With so many health and safety challenges in our schools and communities, now is the time to invite everyone to join one of the most fulfilling professions in the world—yours!

Earn Points and Win Prizes

Along with a noble purpose, points and prizes are the bread and butter of any challenge. Let us reward you for your service. Simply take the following actions to earn a pile of points and be recognized for the outstanding person you are:

  • Sign a petition supporting school infrastructure assessments.
  • Meet with students in person or online to share your journey into OEHS, the exciting work you do to protect workers and their communities, and how they too can join your profession.
  • Distribute and talk about AIHA's IH Heroes comics or brochures.
  • Speak with students, parents, and others about young worker health and safety.
  • Work with students, teachers, school leaders, and others to create an advisory group that provides recommendations to one or more schools or school districts on the most efficient means to use funds to improve the learning and working conditions in schools.
  • Meet with policymakers such as school board members, city council members, county council members, mayors, state legislators, state agency staff or leaders, governors, federal agency staff or leaders, or members of Congress.

Prizes range from gift cards and digital badges you can proudly display on your LinkedIn page to being recognized during AIHA's Mark of Excellence Award Ceremony in 2024. However, the real prize is knowing that you made a difference in someone's life and helped serve your profession and community.

The Challenge Begins with a Guide to Support You

As you embark on your Challenge journey, let AIHA be your guide. We have prepared some examples and suggestions to support you. You can find these resources and the full rules of the I Am IH Leadership Challenge on our website.

Take the Challenge

You're energized and ready to inspire the next generation of OEHS professionals and make a difference in your community. Sign up for the I Am IH Leadership Challenge today.

One last thing before you go: this challenge is all about community, so I'd really appreciate it if you'd be willing to share this blog post on LinkedIn and encourage those in your network to join this challenge. Working together, we can secure the future of the profession and improve the learning environment for students everywhere.

Mark Ames

Mark Ames is AIHA’s director of government relations.


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