Overview of Achievements

Celebrating Caylin Crawford, Winner of the "I AM IH Challenge"

Caylin Crawford stands as the exemplary winner of the "I AM IH Challenge," showcasing an unwavering commitment to Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS). Over a dedicated span of 19 hours, Caylin's multifaceted efforts have made a significant impact on both the local and broader community. Her achievements span various dimensions, reflecting exceptional dedication and initiative:

Caylin's engagement with undergraduate students was both extensive and impactful, reaching over 200 students through personalized presentations, mentoring sessions, and educational panels. Beyond campus borders, she actively participated in symposiums, collaborated with faculty members, and provided guidance to potential students through LinkedIn. Caylin's commitment to diversity and inclusion in the field is evident in her strategic collaborations, advocating for underrepresented students in STEM, and facilitating discussions on health equity.

The depth and breadth of Caylin's accomplishments, from curriculum enhancements to industry collaborations, underscore her commitment to raising awareness, fostering diversity, and contributing significantly to the advancement of OEHS. Her multifaceted approach not only aligns with the spirit of the "I AM IH Challenge" but also sets a commendable standard for advocacy and engagement in the field. Congratulations to Caylin Crawford for her outstanding contributions to the challenge and the OEHS community at large.

Cody Youshock - Second Place Winner

We're excited to recognize Cody Youshock for securing Second Place in the "I AM IH Challenge." In dedicating six hours to the challenge, Cody showcased an unwavering commitment to industrial hygiene awareness, student mentorship, and collaborative initiatives.

Cody's impactful journey included engaging in discussions with students on the connection between environmental pollution and industrial hygiene. He extended career guidance to others, exploring paths in environmental compliance, remediation, safety management, and industrial hygiene.

Initiating collaboration with University of Texas professors, Cody focused on thermal decomposition products of a bulk product with complex chemistry. His virtual presentation on Hazardous Working Environments in the Aerospace Industry drew approximately 60 university attendees.

Cody further shared insights with an MPH Program student at Baylor, emphasizing the enticing opportunities within the Industrial Hygiene field. During Homecoming Week, he presented to the entire graduating class of Environmental Engineers ('2023) at Wilkes University, highlighting the synergy between environmental and industrial hygiene fields.

Cody's dedication has significantly enriched the "I AM IH Challenge," and we commend him for his impactful contributions!

Amanda Bewley - Third Place Winner of "I AM IH Challenge"

We are delighted to recognize Amanda Bewley for securing the Third Place in the "I AM IH Challenge." Amanda's impactful contributions highlight her dedication to advancing Industrial Hygiene awareness and education.

In a notable session at West Chester University, Amanda presented to a classroom of EHS undergraduates, providing valuable insights into Industrial Hygiene as a career choice and showcasing scholarship opportunities offered by AIHA.

Building on her commitment, Amanda continued to make a significant impact at the University of Pennsylvania. She delivered a comprehensive presentation to a class of occupational medicine resident physicians, focusing on the crucial topic of respirators. The following day, she led a 30-minute round table discussion, offering insights into Industrial Hygiene's involvement in workplace injuries, benefiting a class of occupational medicine resident physicians.

Amanda's dedication and expertise have played a vital role in furthering the field of Industrial Hygiene.

Looking Ahead:

As we close this chapter, stay tuned for more exciting challenges in the upcoming year. Keep checking for updates, and be prepared to participate in new initiatives that continue to inspire OEHS awareness and foster meaningful connections.

A heartfelt thank you to all participants for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout the "I AM IH Challenge." Here's to another year of inspiring endeavors!