You may be familiar with this popular social media challenge: participants use images or videos, rather than words, to demonstrate their point. To get this challenge off and running, we’re encouraging you to highlight the unique aspects of your career in OEHS through a photo or a video. Essentially, tell us you’re an OEHS professional without telling us!

Below is a step-by-step guide with a variety of ideas and messages to help get you started.

Step 1

Create a video or snap a photo that exemplifies what it looks like or feels like to be an IH/OEHS Professional. This will provide a ‘clue’ to your audience by holding up equipment, show around your workspace, etc. See the samples below for inspiration.

Step 2

Include an introduction:

    • FOR VIDEO: "Hi, I’m FIRST NAME. Tell me you're an Industrial Hygienist [or Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Professional] without telling me. I'll go first" and then move your camera to the scene.
    • FOR A PHOTO: Write copy for the post to accompany the photo: “Tell me you're an Industrial Hygienist [or OEHS Professional] without telling me. I'll go first.”

    Step 3

    For VIDEOS or Photos add the campaign hashtags (#TellMeChallenge, #AIHA, #IAmIH), and post on your own social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or TikTok).

      Here's the REAL challenge: Tag 2-3 of your colleagues who you connect with – invite them to the challenge.

      Step 4

      Share other #TellMeChallenge AIHA posts from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter on your own accounts.

      Step 5

      Create a post in any of the AIHA Catalyst groups to which you belong, encouraging your fellow members to participate too.

      Together we can create awareness about exciting IH careers and a day-in-the-life of being an OEHS with generations of students, science enthusiasts and other OEHS professionals.