The macro-free version of IHSTAT is being updated with additional capability to increase alignment with the new AIHA Guideline Foundation Occupational Exposure Assessment Principles of Good Practice (PGP), enhance visualization of the exposure profile, and provide aids to exposure risk decision-making and management follow-up.

Proposed new features include:

  1. Calculation of the UTL95%,70%
  2. Ability to handle OEL's expressed as a range (e.g. Working OELs or Occupational Exposure Bands)
  3. Ability to choose respirator applied protection factors (APF) in order to compare key exposure parameters to OEL x APF
  4. Ability to easily handle censored data via LOD/2 or LOD/sqrt(2) substitution
  5. Plot of the idealized lognormal distribution with key parameters relative to the AIHA exposure categories
  6. Histogram of sample results
  7. Chart to visualize expected exposures over the course of a work year (250 days) given the idealized lognormal distribution of exposures
  8. "Dashboard" interpretation of results using rules of thumb from the free “Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions” webinar and the Occupational Exposure Assessment PGP

AIHA seeks beta-testers for the revised macro-free version. To beta-test,