Scope of Work

The scope of the Leadership & Management Committee is to propel the excellence of OEHS professionals through leadership skills development. The committee prepares annual goals to achieve this vision at each year’s annual meeting at AIHce.

Goals and Objectives

  • Promote Leadership and Management Principles
    Shape and promote leadership and management principles that empower OEHS professionals and advance our profession.
  • Develop Leadership Competencies
    Develop leadership competencies in OEHS management and technical professionals.
  • Outreach
    Sponsor, create and support high-quality conference technical sessions and professional development courses (PDCs).
  • Operational Excellence
    Achieve and maintain excellence in committee operations through judicious use of volunteer resources, active engagement with all related AIHA volunteer groups and staff, and formalized mentoring and development of members.

The Leadership & Management Committee is a recognized model for operational excellence within the AIHA, driven by a diverse group of dedicated and energized professionals encompassing the broad demographics of health and safety activities. Particular support is provided to AIHA Content Strategy, Item #4, IH Value Strategy/Business Case Development.

Current Projects

  • AIHA Industrial Hygiene Performance Metrics book update – A subcommittee consisting of 15 core members and 30 additional subject matter experts serving as authors and reviewers is updating and expanding this 2001 guide to OEHS professionals with performance metrics for our evolving profession.

Products Produced by the Group

  • Series of Soft Skills Webinars (Communicating with Impact, August 2019; Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence for Occupational Health and Safety Professionals, May 2020; and Handling and Managing Conflict for Occupational Health and Safety Professionals, May 2020).
  • Bridging Boomers to Zoomers Webinar, May 2021.
  • Synergist articles: Committee members Celia Booth (Vice Chair) and Joy Erdman (Past Chair) prepared an article, “Comparing Codes of Ethics” that was published online July 3, 2020 and former chair, Carl Sall, wrote an article, on neurolinguistic programming that was published in February 2021. Bernie Fontaine prepared an article on diversity, equity, and inclusion in our profession that is pending publication. Tim Paz is preparing an article on emotional intelligence that is also pending publication.
  • AIHce 2021 sessions – L&MC is sponsoring/co-sponsoring 10 PDCs and 22 Education Sessions at this year’s conference.


  • Recognized as an Outstanding Volunteer Group two years in a row (2020,2021).
  • Winner of Rising Star Award in 2020.
  • Nominated for Shining Star Award in 2021.

L&MC also nominated 4 individuals and one group for the 2021 AIHA Named Awards. Winners from these nominations include:

  • Zack Mansdorf, Ph.D., CIH, CSP, QEP, FAIHA – Henry F. Smyth, Jr. Award.
  • Alan Leibowitz, CIH, CSP, FAIHA – Donald E. Cummings Memorial Award Back to Work.
  • Safely Task Force – The Social Responsibility Award.

Collaboration Efforts

  • Four L&MC members, Celia Booth, Joy Erdman, Jason Kunz, and Perry Logan, supported the WIH Leadership Summit that was presented as a webinar in October 2020. This Summit is also being presented at AIHce 2021 as a PDC.
  • Co-sponsoring a Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Fashion Show at AIHce 2021 with the Women in Industrial Hygiene Committee.
  • CPAG Serving the Changing Workforce webinar on the multigenerational workforce (Bridging Boomers to Zoomers) with Mentoring & Professional Development, Student & Early Career Professionals and Student Local Section for a webinar to be presented in May 2021.

Group dynamics

The L & M Committee is comprised of OEHS professionals representing a diverse background of experience. There are over 30 active members and nearly 20 corresponding members, many of which hold senior-level program oversight roles where leadership and management skills are essential. All committee members are fully engaged, participating in the monthly meetings and volunteering for the many projects and initiatives generated from within the group. The L & M Committee offers an excellent opportunity for members to enhance current skill level as well as share personal experiences and knowledge within the committee and across the AIHA membership as a whole.


Birkner Leadership Award

The AIHA Leadership and Management Committee presents this award to honor the legacy of Ruth McIntyre Birkner and Larry Birkner and is proudly awarded to an individual exemplifying extraordinaire leadership and management. This year’s recipient is Bernard Fontaine, Jr., CIH, CSP, FAIHA.

Previous Birkner award winners:

  • 2020 - Aileen Yankowski
  • 2019 - Paul Esposito
  • 2016 – David Downs
  • 2014 – Carl Sall
  • 2013 – Buck Cameron
  • 2012 – Alan Leibowitz
  • 2010 – Charles Redinger

To apply for the Birkner Leadership Award, please click here.