Goals and Objectives

The committee assembles, evaluates, and disseminates information relating to industrial hygiene sample collection and analysis. Annual objectives and performance measures are developed by Committee members at each year’s AIHce annual meeting.

  • Membership Diversity
    Achieve and maintain an active membership encompassing a broad range of industries, education, certifications and experience reflective of best practices in IH sampling and laboratory analysis.
  • Advocacy and Influence
    Establish and maintain a formal relationship with targeted standard setting, research, and regulatory agencies active in IH sampling and analysis. Monitor and report on sampling and analytical methods being developed by rule-making organizations for use in regulatory proposals. Identify, evaluate, and comment on related proposed legislation, regulations, and standards. Review and comment on the sampling and analytical sections of AIHA publications.
  • Outreach
    Initiate and sustain activities to encourage new and existing health and safety professionals to develop skills, expertise, and interest in sampling and laboratory analysis. Sponsor or develop short courses and seminars. Develop and promote the Methods Exchange Network where laboratory professionals and researchers may share methods. Solicit papers, organize sessions, PDCs, and round-table discussions for the AIHce. Develop and provide position statements to the AIHA Board as needed or requested. Publish JOEH and Synergist articles to promote awareness of committee activities.
  • Operational Excellence
    Achieve and maintain excellence in committee operations through judicious use of volunteer resources, active engagement with all related AIHA volunteer groups and staff, and formalized mentoring and development of members professionals, the existing AIHA membership, and the general public.