Career Tracks

IH/OEHS Professional

Someone on this career track has professional knowledge and expertise in the industrial hygiene field. They may also practice in safety and environmental areas. Often, these professionals tend to be a generalist or a specialist.

EHS Technician

An Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Technician has limited professional training within the industrial hygiene field but more broad responsibilities within the environmental health and safety arena.

Allied Professional

An Allied Professional is an individual who has an affiliated occupation with an interest in specific IH/OEHS topics, such as occupational doctors and nurses, and toxicologists.

Knowledge Areas


This area involves education and training the IH/OEHS knowledge areas, such as exposure assessment, environmental and occupational risk assessment, and exposure control program management.

See the sample stages of an IH/OEHS Professional within the Technical knowledge area.


Professionals working within this knowledge area participate in teams through their employer or as a volunteer. In both capacities, they develop skills that lead up to and include managing teams and projects and participating in mentoring programs.

See the sample stages of an IH/OEHS Professional within the Leadership knowledge area.


This knowledge area includes education and training in skills necessary to advance within the management structure of various IH/OEHS careers, including communication skills, time management, financial management, and supervision.

See the sample stages of an IH/OEHS Professional within the Management knowledge area.

Basic Stages

(Exact stage title depends on the career track)


Generally new to the IH/OEHS pathway, students or interns are just beginning their first forays into the career.

Early Career

Early Career Professionals (ECPs) - also known as young professionals - have completed their initial education/training regimes and are generally within the first five years of their career path.


An IH/OEHS professional has (or is on their way to) become a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and has spent a few years within the industry. Often, they are in a managerial position or oversee one or more projects and are active within the IH/OEHS community.

Senior Professional

A Senior Professional has moved into a more leadership-oriented role and is considered at the top of the IH/OEHS pathway. They are considered experts in their field, and their actions often have a worldwide impact within the industry.

Emeritus Professional

The Emeritus Professional has developed a broad area of professional IH/OEHS knowledge, skills, and abilities. They devote their time to mentoring (and being mentored by) early career professionals; many often have time to join volunteer endeavors of interest to new professionals within the IH/OEHS sphere. Often retired (but not always), the Emeritus has moved away from management and is more focused on "passing the torch" to other industrial hygienists.​