The IH/OEHS professionals on the leadership path are often found throughout the highest levels of volunteer IH/OEHS organizations such as AIHA. They are considered peer experts within the industry.


Students are active members within the AIHA Student Local Section and begin developing their professional network. They are an active (or corresponding) member of AIHA committees, including the SECP Committee, and are often mentored by faculty and IH/OEHS professionals.

At this stage, students begin developing and honing their communication, time management, project management, and other professional skills to serve them in their future workplace. They have an interest in the scope of the profession and start identifying specific areas of interest.

Early Career Professional

Early career professionals (ECPs), also categorized as young professionals, are typically active, contributing members of a technical committee and their AIHA Local Section. They have a solid core of network contacts and continue building upon it as they leverage their connections into problem-solving resources, building a personal community that helps shape their career.

Often, an ECP is mentored by a senior-level IH/OEHS professional.


An established IH/OEHS professional within this knowledge path participates in personal and organizational leadership development. They hold leadership positions within AIHA committees and coordinates and engages in committee projects. They remain active and possibly take a leadership role in their Local Section.

They may also consider pursuing an AIHA leadership role on the national level and continuing to broaden their career scope and influence by maintaining a mentorship with a senior IH/OEHS professional. Some may also consider being a mentor to a new student or intern entering the industrial hygiene field.

Senior Professional

Considered at the peak of their career, the senior IH/OEHS professional in the leadership knowledge area holds significant volunteer leadership roles and can identify key emerging issues. They often represent AIHA to other organizations and hold mentorship positions with newcomers to the profession.

Emeritus Professional

The Emeritus Professional may (or may not) be retired and is focused on passing the torch with regards to their accumulated knowledge and experience. They spend extra time volunteering and mentoring new and early career professionals.