Benefits of Membership

Membership in AIHA gives you complete access to resources that will help you solve your health and safety challenges and advance professionally.


AIHA offers members a wide variety of professional resources that keep you up to speed and help you solve your health and safety challenges.


The Industrial Hygiene and Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety community is an active group of experienced professionals. AIHA offers many opportunities for you to expand your network.


Industrial Hygiene and Occupational and Evironmental Health and Safety professionals know the importance of continuing education. Whether you want to keep your skills current, learn new techniques or broaden your expertise, AIHA gives you the opportunity to maintain high professional standards.

Signature Events



AIHA offers career development resources for every stage of your career, from finding that first job after graduation to making that move to the next opportunity.

AIHA recognizes the contributions and achievements of members through its membership program as well as industry awards and honors.


AIHA actively monitors proposed legislation and regulations that can have a direct impact on your operations and provides regular updates on critical issues. Using the power of more than 10,000 members, AIHA also gives you a voice in the public policy process.

Other Advantages