What is the Consultants Listing?

Published once a year, the Consultants Listing is a comprehensive print and online directory of occupational and environmental health and safety experts worldwide.

With all the choices out there, why list with AIHA?

AIHA knows who your customers are and how to reach them. For 36 years, the Consultants Listing has helped increase business opportunities for AIHA’s consultant members. This listing is available to anyone to use FREE of charge. Government agencies such as EPA, FEMA, and OSHA regularly refer consumer inquiries to our consultants for assistance. AIHA’s Consultants Listing is also frequently referenced as a media source for consumers when searching for an IH or OEHS consultant. Every advertising dollar must count, and the AIHA Consultants Listing is an easy, cost-effective way to reach your target market and grow your business.

What geographic areas do your directories cover?

We have listings across the US and internationally throughout Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Latin Americas.

How do web users find you?

Links from other OEHS websites and search engine prominence.

What do others have to say about AIHA’s Consultants Listing?

Read testimonials from others about how the Consultants Listing has helped them grow their businesses at our website.

Who are your printed directory and web users?

Distribution of the Consultants Listing continues to grow yearly; this year is no exception. Listing your business in the Consultants Listing puts your business within arm’s reach of thousands of:

  • government agencies
  • law firms
  • trade show attendees
  • trade associations
  • schools and universities
  • media
  • commercial property managers
  • real estate agencies
  • local consumers
  • hospitals
  • construction companies
  • public health organizations
  • insurance agencies
  • And many more...

​​For more information or to list your practice, contact Wanda Barbour via email or call +1 703-846-0782.