Volunteer Groups

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Industrial hygienists and other occupational health, safety and environmental professionals volunteer their time, energy, and expertise through AIHA’s Volunteer Groups. These groups consist of committees, working groups, project teams, and special interest groups (SIGs).  The purpose of these groups may include activities such as:

  • facilitation of networking and information exchange among members.

  • development of products, services, and activities for educational purposes.

  • development of guidelines and standards for good practice.

  • development of statements to contribute to public policy debates.

  • collaboration with other organizations.

Volunteer Experience


The volunteer experience is rewarding and reaps many benefits, both personally and professionally. As you consider a volunteer path to pursue, think about your personality, interests, and time commitment and align those values with the opportunities available.


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To learn more about specific volunteer groups, please use the links at the bottom of the page. 

To join a group, please contact Thursa LaLaurie Mutdosch, or the group's Chair directly via the AIHA Member Directory.
AIHA Volunteer Groups​​​​​