Construction Committee

Scope of Work

The Committee develops and disseminates construction-related health and safety information to the industrial hygiene and safety communities and to the general public. The Committee provides input into regulatory and consensus standard-setting organizations that focus on worker and environmental health and safety in construction to advance the mission of the AIHA further.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide the science-based input of professional industrial hygienists to those who regulate and advise on standard settings in the construction area.
  • Maintain an active membership encompassing a broad range of industries, education, certifications, and experience reflective of health and safety practices in construction.
  • Encourage and assist emerging, new, and existing health and safety professionals in developing skills, expertise, and interest in construction-related issues and encouraging general public support for construction health and safety.

Current Projects

  • Promoting and disseminating Focus Four for Health.
  • Developing case studies on successful approaches to improving construction worker health for publication on
  • Producing a chapter on construction for the AIHA White Book.

Products Produced by the Group

  • Focus Four for Health: An Initiative to Address Four Major Construction Health Hazards Guidance Documents.
  • Focus on Construction Health: COVID-19.
  • Major revisions to Back to Work Safety: Construction.
  • Assessment and Remediation of Corrosive Drywall Guidance Document.
  • How to Improve the Safety Climate on Your Construction Site Guidance Document.
  • OHS Performance Criteria on Contracting and Procurement Guidance Document.
  • Recommended Skills and Capabilities for Silica Competent Persons White Paper.

Collaboration Efforts

Current collaborations include:

  • CPWR.
  • Society for Occupational Health Working Group.
  • Confined Space Committee.
  • At our urging, AIHA is an advocate for Construction Safety Week.


  • AIHA Outstanding Volunteer Group (2021, 2020, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011)
  • Awarded the Shining Star Award (2021), Rising Star Award (2020). and Soaring Star Award (2010).

Rochelle Crew Award


The AIHA Construction Committee gives the Rochelle Crew Award to honor the memory of Rochelle Crew, a long-time construction safety PDC presenter, and former committee member. The award is given to the best construction-related paper, technical session, or PDC presentation at the previous year's AIHce. This year's recipient is Anthony Oliveri, CIH for Lessons Learned from Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluations (FACE) Investigations in Michigan.

Past Recipients:

  • 2021: Bill Greer
  • 2020: Caroline Switzer, CIH, CSP

External Resources

Group dynamics

We welcome all interested in health on construction sites, regardless of their experience level or direct involvement in construction. Our members include representatives of large construction and engineering firms, labor, trade groups, insurers, nationwide and local consulting firms, government agencies, vendors, and owners...

We offer opportunities for involvement for all skill levels and time availability, whether judging student posters, helping develop guidance documents, or serving as a committee officer.

We hold monthly meetings on the first Thursday and welcome people to join. If you want to learn more about the committee or sit in on one of the monthly meetings, contact Janet Keyes.

Qualifications to Join

Members must be an AIHA member in good standing. If you are interested in learning more about membership, please visit

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