Scope of Work

  • Teen Workplace Health & Safety.
  • Young Worker Health & Safety.

We simply cannot have teenagers die on the job – these deaths and injuries are preventable, and AIHA is taking action. In 2019 – 2020, AIHA will:

  • Encourage state and local policymakers to require the [email protected] – Talking Safety model curriculum in schools for grades 7 through 12.
  • Encourage Members of Congress to introduce and enact legislation providing competitive grants to schools that adopt and implement the [email protected] – Talking Safety model curriculum.
  • Encourage Members of Congress and state legislators to introduce and enact legislation providing competitive grants to institutions of higher education or nongovernmental organizations that provide teacher preparation and training that addresses teen workplace safety.
  • Encourage AIHA members to speak to students using the Safety Matters program, which raises awareness among young people about workplace safety and health and provides an understanding of the skills these workers need to become active participants in creating safe and healthy work environments.
  • Advocate for additional government funding to create or expand collaborations with schools, employers, and teens that raise awareness of workplace hazards and what to do to avoid or minimize them.

Letters to Policymakers