• Advance the principles, policies, and practices of the NIOSH Office for Total Worker Health.
  • Participate in activities in support of the NIOSH Office for Total Worker Health, such as:
    • Conducting joint research.
    • Developing programs, interventions, and other work products.
    • Collaborating on seminars, meetings, training, and educational events.
    • Creating and disseminating publications and other communication products.
    • Cross-promote individual and joint activities.
  • Meet with NIOSH at least annually to review responsibilities, current activities, and progress.

Goals and Objectives

  • Exploring existing assets that have been prepared by NIOSH and their six Centers of Workplace Health to see what AIHA can leverage for the IH profession.
  • Ensuring at least one AIHA representative attends every future TWH affiliate meeting and call.
  • Being the primary point of contact with other affiliates and NIOSH’s TWH Centers to explore collaboration.
  • Developing a strategic plan for what products or services AIHA might develop to benefit its members and the IH/OH professional community.
  • Developing vision and initiatives related to the industrial hygienist’s role in TWH, including forwarding the topic of Total Exposure Health within the industrial hygiene profession and TWH initiative.
  • Liaising with AIHA’s Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) to ensure the content priority “Total Worker Exposure” is aligned with AIHA’s TWH efforts.

For more information, please contact Alla Orlova.