Leadership: Making Your Path for Influencing at Every Level. AIHA members Aileen Yankowski, MPH, CIH, and Major Crystal C. Brown, CIH, CSP, discuss with Tamara Parris, of Women in Safety, their journey as women in industrial hygiene and how they arrived at where they are today.

Goals and Objectives

To become an established resource for professional career development and leadership skills relevant to women working in industrial hygiene.​

  • Communications
    Disseminate information, news, and timely content to the WIH Community and promote the community within and outside AIHA. The Communications Subcommittee has achieved and is actively maintaining an active social media presence establishing and universally accessible resource for leadership and mentoring throught the use of Catalyst, Facebook, and Instagram (#WomeninIH).
  • Leadership and Advocacy
    Increase deliberate development of leadership skills, and recognition of women in industrial hygiene using existing award systems; creating new opportunities; and supporting women in the workplace.
  • Outreach
    Initiate and sustain activities to develop partnerships; create connections and promote the allied health professions through advertisement in educational venues; regional networking and mentoring.
  • Operational Excellence
    Dedicated to the support of women in industrial hygiene and related occupations. The committee is actively engaged in advocacy within the association and within associated committees like the American Society of Safety Professional’s Women in Safety Excellence and works to influence the growth of women in leadership. The Committee is a source of leadership-based information and is committed to outreach with future professionals, the existing AIHA membership, and the general public.