July 27, 2023

Quick Takes August 2023

Important Dates

Time is running out. Mark these important upcoming deadlines on your calendar before it's too late!

September is AIHA Worker Health & Safety Month.
Each week in September, AIHA will focus on a specific worker health and safety theme ranging from indoor air quality (IAQ) to mold and teen worker safety. Join us as we bring attention to workplace health hazards and highlight the importance of working together to create healthier workplaces and communities. To launch AIHA’s initiative, you may wish to email your local, State, or Federal government officials to request they recognize September as “Worker Health & Safety Month” by issuing a proclamation.

AIHA Volunteer Committees’ Bodies of Work

Access an extensive library of resources developed by AIHA Volunteer Committees in their areas of specialty on various topics of interest.

From the AIHA Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG)
An AIHA CPAG initiative recently identified key content from Dr. Peter M. Sandman, one of the world's preeminent risk communication speakers and consultants, that can help IH and OEHS professionals refine their risk communication skills for various audiences. The content selected by AIHA CPAG focuses on business communication, people skills, risk communication, and education and training. Learn more!

The Global Impact of Worker Health and Safety Initiatives
Discover the global impact of AIHA's International Affairs Committee on worker health and safety. Sign up today for an engaging and informative webinar presented by committee members and members of partner organizations, like OHTA, ILO, DWOI, Maquiladora Network, IOHA, and WHWB, as they share insights into the committee's initiatives. Gain valuable knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in international worker protection. Don’t miss this opportunity!

In Case You Missed It

Missed our AIHce EXP 2023 conference (now AIHA CONNECT)? No worries! Catch up with our two new videos: "Mark of Excellence" featuring Fellows and Award Winners, and "Expo Broadcast" where our partners showcase their top-notch products and services. Don't miss the chance to experience the highlights and stay informed!

Don’t Forget to Check Out…

  • Be a game changer: Level up on health and safety at work. OEHS professionals play an invaluable role in creating safer and healthier work environments. Thanks to the Board for Global EHS Credentialing for their partnership in helping create this video.
  • The Value of OEHS to Younger Generations. Several OEHS professionals visited the Fabrication Lab ("FabLab") at the Si Se Puede Foundation in Chandler, Arizona to discuss health, safety, and risk management in the robotics lab. Find out how the teens valued the experience and in turn, challenge OEHS professionals to help invest in our communities through health and safety practices.
  • Communities Need the Next Generation of OEHS. It's important for the community to talk about occupational and environmental health and safety with students because that's where you build a safety culture that ultimately impacts communities.

Healthier Workplaces Show

Get ready for an engaging experience with episodes 20 and 21 of our Healthier Workplaces Podcast!

In episode 20, we discuss valuable lessons in leadership within the OEHS context, uncovering strategies to foster a safer and healthier workplace. Episode 21 delves into the essential topic of teen safety in the workplace, exploring common hazards and ways to promote a secure environment for young workers. Tune in now!

Last, but not least: Congratulations to AIHA member Jon Wilkinson, who was appointed to the Vermont School Construction Aid Task Force.