Share Your Experience and Knowledge at OEESC 2024.

Poster Submission Deadline- July 1, 2024.

OEESC brings together a wide range of disciplines and knowledge, recognizing the importance of skin health not just at work, but also for consumers and in the general environment. Through increasing communication between the occupational and non-occupational fields and with the levels of expertise that both of these areas have attained, the focus of this conference is to bring together expertise and the latest knowledge and research on a range of issues with the aim of broadly reducing skin exposure concerns and improving health and well-being.

  • Professional Poster –Publicize your work to conference attendees by creating a poster that summarizes your research and generates discussion and feedback. Posters will be displayed on VERTICAL bulletin boards. The interior, usable space of the board measures 45" (wide) x 91" (tall) (114cm x 231cm). The recommended dimensions of your poster are 43" x 78" (109cm x 198 cm). Posters printed in horizontal layouts will be removed.

Topics We Are Seeking

Dermal Exposure Assessment

• Non-invasive techniques for monitoring skin health
• Dermal exposure assessment in emerging technologies, including additive manufacturing
• Quantitative and qualitative dermal sampling methods
• Dermal exposure and uptake modeling
• Biomonitoring

Health Effects

• Evaluation of irritant skin reactions
• New developments in skin allergies and immune responses
• Dermal systemic uptake
• Ototoxins

Dermal Risk Assessment

• TSCA risk assessments
• Qualitative risk assessment methods
• Quantitative risk assessment methods
• COSHH risk assessments
• Other regulatory bodies risk assessments

UV Exposure

• UV exposure and skin health effects
• New methods for SPF testing

Education, Intervention, and Control

• Novel approaches for education and training
• Interactive education and intervention studies
• Control of dermal exposures (engineering controls, gloves, etc.)