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President’s Message
Balancing the Budget 101
By Michael T. Brandt

Leadership Perspective
Confirming Our IH DecisionMaking Framework
By Mark D. Hoover, Tom Armstrong, Tim Blodgett, Allan K. Fleeger, Perry W. Logan, Bill McArthur, and Paul J. Middendorf

Insight: Risk Assessment
“Unknown Knowns” and the Precautionary Principle
By Frank Mirer

Case Study
Feasible and Effective Noise Control
By Dennis P. Driscoll

Sound the Alarm
Millions of workers are exposed to wood dust on a daily basis, frequently
at high concentrations. Only rarely has this exposure been considered more than a nuisance.
By Martin Harper

Smart Security
Proper precautions can lessen the risk that confidential or business-critical data on your smart device will be compromised or stolen.
By Mark Rollins

The New Normal
A report on the state of the OEHS profession.
By Dave Johnson


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President’s Message
Leadership and Service
By Michael T. Brandt

Readers React to End of Alliance Talks

Insight: Professional Growth
CM Points: Seeking More for Less
By Tracy Parsons

Insight: For Consultants
Fire Away
By David Kudlinski and Thomas Turansky

Industrial Hygiene, Construction, and the Hole in the Ground
How OSHA’s Confined Spaces in Construction rule might affect construction in the U.S.
By Edward J. Willwerth

AIHce 2011 Technical Sessions
A sneak peek at the topics for the premier conference and exposition for OEHS professionals.

AIHA® Candidates’ Forum
Meet the candidates for AIHA’s Board of Directors


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President’s Message
Attracting Future Volunteers and Leaders
By Michael T. Brandt

Washington Insider
Here We Go Again
By Aaron Trippler

Insight: Professional Growth
New Developments in AIHA® Lab Services
By Kathryn Grandstaff

Insight: Ethics
Environment vs. Safety
By Pamela Greenley

From Conservation to Prevention
Metrics for moving from a traditional compliance-based hearing conservation program to one more firmly based on best practices.
By Theresa Y. Schulz

Hydrogen Sulfide: Real-time Detection Techniques
Even brief exposures to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can be a
matter of life or death.
By Philip A. Smith and Robert E. Henderson

OELs: An International Challenge
The infrastructure for generating and utilizing OELs desperately needs
shoring up.
By Chris Laszcz-Davis, Susan Ripple, Luc Hamelin, and Jimmy Perkins


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President’s Message
Hard, Fair, and Wise Choices for Tough Financial Times
By Michael T. Brandt

Washington Insider
The Budget Drama
By Aaron Trippler

Insight: Risk Assessment
Mechanism or Machination?
By Franklin Mirer

Insight: Risk Communication
The Law of Conservation of Outrage
By Peter Sandman

Global Chemical Regulations
Has the U.S. kept pace with global developments in chemical management?
By Chris Laszcz-Davis and Susan Ripple

Real Genius
Laboratories go smart by encompassing safety and sustainability.
By Melissa Ling and Lee Poore

AIHce Comes Up Roses
Next month, thousands of industrial hygienists and OEHS professionals will head to Portland, Ore. for AIHce 2011.
By Brooke Morris


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President’s Message
Building Our Future Together
By Michael T. Brandt

Leadership Perspective
A Budgetary Threat to Worker Health
By Steve Lacey

Washington Insider
Will We Have a Federal Budget?
By Aaron Trippler

Staff Works
Developments in Digital Communications
By Connie Paradise

Synergist® Q&A
An Interview with Paul Ruez

Insight: Professional Growth
Private Sector Preparedness
By Ellen Clas

Insight: For Consultants
Office IEQ
By David Kudlinski and Steven Rupkey

Meeting Global Industrial Hygiene Needs
A new program for global industrial hygiene training is taking shape.
By Roger Alesbury, Steve Bailey, and Nancy McClellan

Beyond LEED
A consultant for a U.S. defense agency describes how his organization conducts pre- and post-occupancy IEQ evaluations for new buildings.
By Paul Buckmaster

Explore the Expo
The Expo at AIHce 2011 hosts more than 300 exhibitors showcasing the newest technologies for OEHS professionals.
By Brooke Morris


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Washington Insider
Congress Is Just Getting Started
By Aaron Trippler

Voices of Tomorrow
Life After Graduation
By William Cyrs and Kerry Krause

From the Grassroots
A Budgetary Benefit to Worker Health
By Daniel Chute

Synergist® Q&A
An Interview with Debbie Dietrich

Insight: Ethics
Moving Target
By Nancy M. McClellan

Insight: Professional Growth
Integrated Management
An interview with Donna Heidel

The Boundaries of REACH
REACH is fundamentally changing the way environmental and occupational
hygiene is practiced.
By Robert Skoglund, Robert Roy, Perry Logan, and Jocelyn Walton

AIHce 2011: The Beat Goes On
The keynote speakers at AIHce 2011 challenged and informed attendees on
a wide range of issues.
By Ed Rutkowski

What’s New in Noise
A look at some of the noise-related products and services offered by AIHce 2011 exhibitors.

Academy Candidates’ Forum
Learn about the candidates for president of the Academy of Industrial Hygiene.


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President’s Message
Working Together
By Elizabeth Pullen

Insight: Risk Assessment
Even an Epidemiologist Can Find It
By Frank Mirer

Case Study
Air Quality Testing in Indoor Ice Arenas
By Michael Baltrusaitis and Joseph A. Cocciardi

Labs Show Their Credentials
How do labs become accredited, and what does this status mean for lab clients?
By Joe Unangst

Standard Language
The meaning and implications of using an accredited lab.
By Heather Thompson

International Education
The inaugural Asia Pacific Conference and Exposition brings AIHA® training to Singapore.

A Perfect Fit

Corporate stewardship and sustainability have opened new career paths for industrial hygienists.
By Nancy West


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President’s Message
Moving from Good to Great
By Elizabeth Pullen

Washington Insider
2012 Budget and OSHA Update
By Aaron Trippler

Insight: Green Building
The Scheme and the Code
By Dale Walsh

Exposures at the World Trade Center
Much has been learned about what was in the WTC dust, respondents’ exposures, and the resulting health effects.
By Jack Springston

Our Accredited Labs’ Global Network
Answering questions about AIHALAP’s international agreements.
By Cheryl O. Morton

Tinnitus and Hearing Protection: Fiction and Fact
Misinformation and misconceptions about hearing protection and tinnitus are plentiful.
By Elliott H. Berger and Laurie L. Wells


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President’s Message
Called to Serve
By Elizabeth Pullen

Washington Insider
Budget Obscures OHS Issues
By Aaron Trippler

Insight: Risk Communication
Advice for Advisory Groups
By Peter M. Sandman

Insight: Ethics
The Problem with Environmental Ethics
By Jan K. Wachter

Best Practices for Chemical Management
An inaccurate or incomplete chemical inventory has consequences for many
areas of EHS programs.
By Bill Adams

According to Plan
Tips for creating an effective chemical hygiene plan.
By Jim Kaufmann

Strengthening Sustainability
The Center for Safety and Health Sustainability is working to establish key indicators for measuring sustainable OHS performance.
By Charles Redinger and Zack Mansdorf

If the Glove Fits
Suggestions for selecting the safety gloves that best match your workplace.
By Beth Dumey


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President’s Message
Continual Improvement
By Elizabeth Pullen

Washington Insider
Another Continuing Resolution Is Likely
By Aaron Trippler

Staff Works
Introducing the New Registry Programs
By Kathryn R. Grandstaff

Insight: Risk Assessment
Go to the Head of the Class
By Frank Mirer

Case Study
Break the Cycle
By Josh Kerst

Apps for the EHS Professional
Your smart device is even more useful than you think.
By Mark Rollins

A Model Initiative
How local AIHA® leaders spread industrial hygiene knowledge worldwide.
By Richard Hirsh

Back to School
Case studies illustrate ideas for controlling IAQ during renovations in occupied schools.
By Paul Haas


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Board Perspective
Creating the Future through Risk Management
By Charles Redinger

In Memoriam
Roy Buchan

Insight: Risk Assessment
Go to the Head of the Class, Part 2
By Frank Mirer

Start Your Pumps!
Recalibrate your knowledge of sample pump flow measurement.
By Debbie Dietrich

The Reliable Pump
Fundamental practices can increase the reliability of your air sampling pump operation.
By David Kudlinski

Nano Enforcement
How might OSHA regulate nanomaterials exposures?
By Michael Horowitz