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President's Message: Better Service for Local Sections
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Ethics: Revisiting Ethics and Confidentiality
By Jeff Throckmorton and Mark Katchen

Feature: The "Right" PPE
By Jeff Behar and Paul E. Allen

Feature: Part of the Sample
By Martin Harper

Feature: Revealing Hidden Risks
By Jeanne Fallon-Carine and Gretchen N. Hancock

By the Numbers: Rates of Carpal Tunnel in California Workers


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President's Message: Achieving Operational Excellence
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Controls: The New Standard for Local Exhaust Ventilation
By D. Jeff Burton

Feature: The Dual-Employer Relationship
By Lorraine Sedlak and David Hicks

Feature: Leveling the Field
By Martin Harper

Feature: Quartz-Busters
By Francisco Trujillo, Donald Ewert, and Corey Bender

By the Numbers: Nurses, PPE, and Antineoplastic Drugs


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President's Message: Focus on the Future
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Board Perspective: A Reset for AIHA’s International Outreach
By Kathy Murphy, AIHA President-elect

Letters: How Bleach Is Regulated

Feature: Mortal Exposures
By Eva M. Glosson and Kat Gregersen

Feature: Active Health and Safety
By Thomas Slavin

Feature: A Nomogram for Lab Hoods
By D. Jeff Burton

By the Numbers: The Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster


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President's Message: Calling All Volunteers
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Ethics: Responses to “Revisiting Ethics and Confidentiality”

Feature: Performing Legionella Source Risk Assessments
By J. David Krause

Feature: Protecting Home Healthcare Aides
By James D. McGlothlin and Colin J. Brigham

Feature: Forgotten Workers
By Gary Bangs, William S. Carter, and Rashed MD Mahfuzullah

By the Numbers: Silicosis Among Stoneworkers in Queensland, Australia


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President's Message: A Strong Foundation
By Cynthia A. Ostrowski, AIHA President

Ethics: Ethics and Scope of Work
By Alan Leibowitz

Risk: A Holistic Approach to Risk
By Julie Roth

Feature: Can Ergonomics Programs Help Solve the Opioid Crisis?
By Ann Marie Dale, Brad Evanoff, Matt Macomber, Mary O’Reilly, Jonathan Rosen, and Scott Schneider

Feature: Electronic Cigarettes and the IH
By Cheri Marcham and Jack Springston

Feature: NAFTA's Lessons
By Barbara J. Dawson

By the Numbers: Chemical Risk Assessments for TSCA


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Controls: Using Plans and Specifications
By D. Jeff Burton

Risk: A Holistic Approach to Risk, Part 2
By Julie Roth

Feature: Legionella Regulations in New York
By Megan Canright, Madeleine Rebullida, David Kahn, and John Martinelli

Feature: The Number-One Response Priority
By Aaron L. Riutta, Dana Stahl, and Brian Haynack

Feature: A New Approach to the Exposure Sciences
By Richard Hartman and Mark Oxley

By the Numbers: The Global Toll of Occupational Accidents and Diseases


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President’s Message: Modern Governance
By Kathleen S. Murphy

Viewpoint: EPA’s New Environmental Lead Hazard Standards
By Kenneth T. (Kenn) White and Derek Popp

Letters: Praise for “Mortal Exposures”

Ethics: Responses to “Ethics and Scope of Work”

Special Section: Minneapolis Memories
By Kay Bechtold and Ed Rutkowski

Feature: Pure Management
By Bob Lieckfield, Jr.

Feature: Assessing Hazardous and Highly Potent Drug Exposures in Nontraditional Workplaces
By Matthew J. Meiners and Donna s. Heidel

Feature: A New Method for Whole-Air Sampling
By Ryan F. LeBouf, Dru A. Burns, Anand Ranpara, and Alan Rossner

By the Numbers: A Final Rule for Lead in Dust


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President’s Message: R&D at AIHA
By Kathleen S. Murphy

Ethics and Product Stewardship
By Thomas Grumbles

Special Section
Product Stewardship Conference Preview

FEATURE: People, Product, Planet
The Confluence of Industrial Hygiene, Product Stewardship, and Sustainability
An Interview with Mitch Fonda, Kevin Gara, and John Hott by Ed Rutkowski

FEATURE: From Consciousness to Conscience
The Convergence of Sustainability and Industrial Hygiene
By Mary O’Reilly and Bob Deist

FEATURE: A Modeling Toolbox for Product Stewards
How to Develop an Aptitude for Exposure Assessment Modeling
By Steven Jahn and John A. Lowe

By the Numbers
Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure Among Nonsmoking Workers


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President’s Message
More than a Facelift
By Kathleen S. Murphy

Follow the Fresh Air
By John L. Parker

Raising Health’s Profile
By Matt Gillen

FEATURE: The Journey to “Be Well”
Implementing Total Worker Health in Eugene, Oregon
By Liz Hill, Dede Montgomery, and Randi Bowers-Payne

FEATURE: First Choice
Consensus Standards, Technology, and the IH Professional
By Kenn White and Mike Brisson

FEATURE: Take Control of Your Development
A Guide to Planning Your Career
By Michael A. Finnamore

By the Numbers
Outbreak of Lung Disease Associated with E-Cigarette Use


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President’s Message
Making Career Decisions with AIHA's Salary Survey
By Kathleen S. Murphy

Public Policy
Appreciating the Role of IH in Infectious Diseases
By Mark Ames

Board Perspective
Preparing for the Future
By Dina M. Siegel

Dermal Sensitizers
What Does Our Immune System Already Know?
By Samantha Connell and Selene Araya

Battling the Reptilian Brain
Work-Management Tips for Overcoming Distractions
By Carl O. Sall

Cost Estimates for OEHS Recommendations
Techniques for Pricing Out Health and Safety Matters
By D. Jeff Burton

By the Numbers
Nurses and Fatigue


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President’s Message
Protecting Emergency Responders
By Kathleen S. Murphy

A Holistic Approach to Risk, Part 3
By Roberta Smith and Rebecca Guerin

Communication and Training
Teaching Health and Safety to Young Workers
By Roberta Smith and Rebecca Guerin

The Other Hygienists
Occupational Health and Safety in the Dental Industry
By John Martinelli, David Brinkerhoff, and Michelle Rosales

Ototoxicants and Hearing Impairment
The Challenge for Occupational Hygiene
By N. Cody Schaal

Sealing the Deal
The Role of the EHS Professional during an Acquisition
By Lorraine Sedlak, Thomas E. Case, and Alizabeth Aramowicz Smith

By the Numbers
The Problem of PFA