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President’s Message
Progress in International Collaboration
By Kathleen S. Murphy

Updates to the Code of Ethics
By Alan Leibowitz

Professional Development
The Importance of NORA
By Emily J.K. Novicki and Paul J. Middendorf

Advances in Understanding Noise Exposures
Key Findings from the National Occupational Research Agenda for Hearing Loss Prevention
By Veronica Stanley

Respirator Use at High Altitudes
Examining a Common Misunderstanding about Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators
By Roy T. McKay

Exercising Judgment with Office Furniture
Are “Active Workstations” the Solution to Excessive Sitting?
By Penney M. Stanch, Marjorie Werrell, Albert Moore, and Stephen W. Hemperly

By the Numbers
Driver Fatigue


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President’s Message
Taking AIHce EXP to the Next Level
By Kathleen S. Murphy


IAQ-Related Comfort Complaints
By D. Jeff Burton

Special Section

AIHA Candidates’ Forum

Bloodborne Pathogens Outside of Healthcare Settings

Preventing Exposures to Potentially Infectious Materials Across Industries
By Eva M. Glosson and Darian W. Disrud

Remote Industrial Hygiene: Emerging Challenges, Promising Solutions

Protecting Workers in Locations with Difficult Access
By Andrey Korchevskiy, Sergey Antipov, Andrey Karpov, and Darya Antipova

A New Tool for Preventing Combustible Dust Incidents

Standard Requires Completion of a Dust Hazard Analysis by September
By Rush Bowers

By the Numbers

Wildfire Consequences


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President’s Message
Containing the Novel Coronavirus
By Kathleen S. Murphy


Managing Perceptions of Risk in the Technology Industry
By Neva Jacobs and Rachel Zisook

Sponsored Article

Can Online Training Satisfy OSHA Requirements?
By Roger Marks

Making Sense of Sensors in PPE

The Future Is Here—Introduce Yourself
By David Stein and Shane Hainey

Surface Sampling for Chemotherapy Drugs

Lessons Learned from the Surveillance for Anti-Cancer Drugs Exposure Study
By Hugh Davies, Susan Arnold, Matthew Jeronimo, George Astrakianakis, and Carole Chambers

Small Decisions

Using Cognitive Science to Improve Communication with Workers
By Ryan Campbell

By the Numbers

Coronavirus Outbreaks


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President’s Message
What’s Happening in Our Industry
By Kathleen S. Murphy


Ethics and Communication of Risk
By Alan Leibowitz

Special Section

AIHce EXP 2020 Preview

Protecting Modified Worker Health

Biohacking and the Workplace
By Spencer Pizzani

It’s the Heat—And the Humidity

Critical Factors for Heat Stress Assessment and Prevention
By Robert N. Phalen and Catherine L. Besmar

Chemical Protective Clothing 101

A Primer on Permeation, Penetration, and Degradation
By Norman W. Henry III, Curtis Hintz, and Robert N. Phalen

By the Numbers

Blood Lead Levels in Kentucky Workers


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President’s Message
After the Crisis
By Kathleen S. Murphy


Refreshing the Brand


What’s Up with Duct Cleaning?
By D. Jeff Burton

Special Section

AIHce EXP Exhibitor List

COVID-19 and the Industrial Hygienist

FAQs on Practicing IH in a Pandemic
By Stephen Derman, Rob Strode, Don Archibald, Cynthia Ellwood, Eric Esswein, Christine Knezevich, and Steve Welty

Transition Space

Anteroom Ventilation Design for Pharmacies Compounding Hazardous Drugs
By Lewis Johnson

Navigating Electrical Hazards

Considerations for Hazardous Locations in General Industry
By Veronica Stanley

By the Numbers

Presymptomatic and Asymptomatic Transmission of COVID-19


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Comparing Codes of Ethics
By Celia A. Booth and Joy Erdman


Members Making a Difference: Laurence Svirchev, CIH
By Gouhar Nayeem

Respiratory Sensitizers

Strategies to Address Occupational Asthma Caused by Respirable Allergens
By Samantha Connell and Selene Araya

The Marijuana Dilemma

Drugs in a Drug-Free Workplace
By Lamont Byrd, Carl W. Heinlein, Janet L. Keyes, Jason McInnis, Diane Radnoff, and Scott Schneider

Hazardous Drugs in Veterinary Medicine

USP <800> Raises Awareness of an Obscure Concern
By Shelley R. Carry

By the Numbers

COVID-19 at Meat and Poultry Processing Facilities


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President’s Message
Reflections on Our First Virtual AIHce
By Lindsay Cook


AIHA LAP’s Response to COVID-19
By Cheryl O. Morton


Fixing Lab Safety Failures
By James Stubbs and Mahdi Fahim

Special Section

AIHce EXP Goes Virtual
By Kay Bechtold, Abby Roberts, and Ed Rutkowski

What’s on YOUR Workplace Surfaces?

Surface Sampling, Consensus Standards, and Laboratory Analysis
By Mike Brisson and Kenn White

Measurement of Trace Metals and Metalloids

Deliberations from an ASTM Workshop
By Steven Verpaele and Owen Butler

Fume Hood Performance Tests

Methods to Verify Proper Functioning
By Thomas C. Smith

By the Numbers

Pneumoconiosis Deaths in the United States


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President’s Message
Working to Contain COVID-19
By Lindsay Cook


EPA’s New Clearance Standards for Lead
By Derek Popp and Kenneth T. (Kenn) White


BGC Brings Back the CIH (Retired)
By Alan Leibowitz

Special Section

Helping Small Employers Reopen Safely
By Ed Rutkowski

Special Section
Introducing PSX

The Art of Health and Safety
Protecting Stained Glass Workers from Lead Exposure
A Conversation Between Ariana Makau and David R. Hicks

Refining Hydrocarbon Exposure Assessment Strategy

Assessing Occupational Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds in the Oil and Gas Industry
By Robert Lieckfield, Jr.

Pandemic Product Stewardship

COVID-19 Crisis Heightens Risks to Chemical Supply Chains, Business Continuity
By Ed Rutkowski

By the Numbers

Prolonged Illness Among Outpatients with COVID-19


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President’s Message
Members Respond to Multiple Crises
By Lindsay Cook

How EHS Professionals Make a Difference
By Lorraine Sedlak

Conquering Toxic Metals
Strategies for the Workplace
By Lori Schroth and Brandon J. Hody

More than a Logo
Reflections on AIHA’s New Branding and Outreach Initiatives
By N. Cody Schaal

IH Pride
Stories from the Profession
By Bernard Fontaine, Jr., Jennifer Holliday, Denise Trabbic-Pointer, and Todd Allshouse

By the Numbers
Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 at Overnight Camps


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President’s Message
Expanding Our Reach
By Lindsay Cook

A Tribute to Fred Toca
By John Moore

How to Recruit Researchers to Lab Safety
By Ashley Augspurger and Diana Harrington Peroni

COVID-19 and Worker Fatigue
Lessons Learned and Mitigation Strategies
By Imelda Wong

Decontamination and Reuse of PPE in Healthcare
An Overview of Pandemic Guidance
By Mark Tartaglia, Scott C. Shinn, and Paul E. Allen

Changing the World, One Course at a Time
OHTA’s Fight Against Occupational Illness and Disease
By Chris Laszcz-Davis and Steven Verpaele

By the Numbers
Demographics of Healthcare Workers with COVID-19


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President’s Message
Reflecting the Holiday Season by Giving Back
By Lindsay Cook

The Problem with Occupational Disease Statistics
By John Elias

Industrial Hygiene Data Standardization
Past Lessons, Present Challenges, and Future Directions
By Taylor M. Shockey, Matthew M. Dahm, Steven J. Wurzelbacher, and John Baker

How to Make Online Information Disability-Friendly
The Basics of Section 508 Compliance
By Susan Marie Viet, Bonnie Rathbun, and Brandi Kissell

A Ventilation Checklist
Helping Control Airborne Disease Transmission in Non-Healthcare Facilities
By D. Jeff Burton

By the Numbers
Community Mitigation Measures and COVID-19 in Arizona