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President’s Message
Our Global Reach
By Lindsay Cook


Ethics of Analysis
By Alan Leibowitz

Confronting Two Crises

The COVID-19 Pandemic, the Opioid Epidemic, and the IH
By Jonathan Rosen and Peter Harnett

Practical, Perplexing, and Unpredictable

Sampling and Use Considerations for Peracetic Acid
By Jenny Houlroyd, Hilarie Warren, and Bob Hendry

Evaluating Exoskeletons

Will They Make the Workplace Safer?
By Ellen Gallo, Robert Baft, Albert Moore, and Bob Deist

By the Numbers

COVID-19 Enforcement by Industry


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President’s Message
Into the New Era of OEHS
By Lindsay Cook


How to Get the Most Out of Your Lab's Fume Hoods
By Ashley Augspurger, Angela Dartt, Mahdi Fahim, and Rachael Perriello

Special Section

AIHA Candidates’ Forum

Training in a Pandemic

A Guide to Designing and Delivering Learning Events
By Jonathan Klane

Generation Gap

5G Cellular Technology and Worker Protection
By Robert Johnson and Mona Shum

How to Engage and Influence People

Tips from Neuro-Linguistic Programming
By Carl O. Sall

By the Numbers

FFRs with Exhalation Valves as Source Control


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President’s Message
Demystifying AIHA’s “Content Channels”
By Lindsay Cook


COVID-19 and the Art of Anticipation
By Evan Floyd and K. A. N. Aithinne

Indoor Air Quality

A Primer on Mixing Factors
By D. Jeff Burton

A New Agenda

For Biden Administration and Congress, Pandemic Puts OEHS Issues in Spotlight
An Interview with Mark Ames by Kay Bechtold

Spraying Disinfectants

Tips for Applying to Surfaces
By Ashley Augspurger, Nancy Wilson, and Kee-Hean Ong

Implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

How DEI Improves Psychological Safety Culture
By Bernard L. Fontaine, Timothy Paz, and Lucinette Alvarado

By the Numbers

Occupation, Race, and COVID-19 Mortality in California


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President’s Message
Moving to an All-Virtual AIHce
By Lindsay Cook

Professional Growth

Support and Success for Remote Internships
By Margretta Murphy and Hope Heichel


Ethical Public Health Policies for COVID-19
By Mark Katchen

Special Section

Virtual Once More: A Preview of AIHce EXP 2021

After the Pandemic

Planning for a Better “Normal”
By Dana Stahl

From Best Practice to Policy

Developing a COVID-19 Prevention Program
By Mark Drozdov

Taking Command of Emergency Response

A Primer on the National Incident Management and Incident Command Systems
By Kenneth C. Eck

Sponsored Article

Assessing a Ubiquitous Hazard
By Lucinette Alvarado

By the Numbers

Controls for COVID-19 in Non-Healthcare Workplaces


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President’s Message
Where Is "Communication?"
By Lindsay Cook


Mental Health in Construction
By Donald J. Garvey


Responses to “Ethics of Analysis”


Controls in Non-Industrial Environments
By D. Jeff Burton

Special Section

Virtual AIHce EXP Exhibitor List

Kidney Disease Among Agricultural Workers

Is Extreme Heat Affecting Kidney Function in Outdoor Workers?
By Jaime Butler-Dawson, Lyndsay Krisher, Mike Van Dyke, and Lee S. Newman

Journey to Your Best Self

The Practical Benefits of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
A Conversation Between Amy McCae and Tim Paz

Sharks and Swimmers

Evaluating Hazard, Exposure, and Risk During OEL Selection and Use in the Pharmaceutical Industry
By Michael J. McCoy, Nadia Moore, and Craig Willey

By the Numbers

E-Cigarette Use Among Adult U.S. Workers