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President’s Message
Standards of Care: Competence Plus Performance
By John Mulhausen


The Heart of OEHS
By Alan Leibowitz

Putting on a Clinic

Design and Operate a Successful Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Program in the Workplace
By Adriana E. Golding, Derek A. Newcomer, and Judy L. Chan

Understanding Emergency Service Capabilities

Why Your Safety Plan Must Go Beyond Calling 911
By Mike Bewley

Accelerating Toward New Hazards

Protecting Workers During the Transition to Electric Vehicles
By Ryan Campbell

By the Numbers

Heat-Related Injuries and Illnesses


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President’s Message
Occupational Exposure Banding: No More Excuses
By John Mulhausen


New Standards for Sample Preparation
By Kenn White and Mike Brisson


Transformative Workplace Technologies
By Bradley King

Special Section

AIHA Candidates’ Forum

Finding Good Science

How to Critically Appraise Scientific Literature
By Carina Doyle, Mark R. Stenzel, Nancy E. Johnson, and Joanna Greig

Ventilation and Sustainable Laboratories

How Industrial Hygienists Can Influence Laboratories' Effects on Environment and Climate
By Brian Schmidt and Andrea Guytingco

The Challenge for Industrial Hygiene 4.0

A NIOSH Perspective on Direct-Reading Methodologies and Real-Time Monitoring in Occupational Environments
By Emanuele Cauda, John Snawder, Andrea Spinazzè, Andrea Cattaneo, John Howard, and Domenico Cavallo

By the Numbers

Waste Anesthetic Gases


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President’s Message
Acknowledging and Addressing Our Blind Spots
By John Mulhausen

In Memoriam

James C. Rock, 1943–2021
By Tony Havics

Women in IH

The Origin of International Women’s Day
By Joy Jacobsen


Common Properties of Air
By D. Jeff Burton


Risk Discourse: Framing the Problem
By Mary O’Reilly

Chasing a Changing Chemical Market

Challenges in Researching and Managing Exposure to PFAS
By Miriam Calkins

Respiratory Protection Training for Non-Experts

Steps Toward Accessible Respiratory Protection Programs Outside the Industrial Workplace
By C.R. (Gus) Manning and Tim Paz

Government Relations Roundup

An Update on AIHA Activities
By Mark Ames

By the Numbers

OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards


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President’s Message
New Tools for Exposure Judgments
By John Mulhausen


Ethics and ESG Ratings
By Mark Katchen

Special Section

AIHce EXP 2022 Preview

Engineering Controls for Respirable Crystalline Silica Hazards

Investigations by NIOSH’s Engineering and Physical Hazards Branch
By Barbara M. Alexander, Alan Echt, Chaolong Qi, Duane Hammond, and Alberto Garcia

Revealing Exposures

Health and Safety Concerns in Strip Clubs
By Eva M. Glosson

Worker Well-Being in the Great Resignation

A Story of Risks, Ills, and Cultures
By Deborah Imel Nelson

By the Numbers

Airborne Transmissible Biological Agents


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Special Section

AIHce EXP Exhibitor List

President’s Message

A Culture Change for OEHS
By John Mulhausen


Beyond Compliance

Careers and Professional Development

The Business Case for EHS
By Georgi Popov, Tsvetan Popov, and Rayna Brown

Harnessing the Hidden Power of Empathy

Effective Leadership and Greater Compassion for OEHS Professionals
By Tim Paz and Amy McCae

Rightsizing an EHS Workforce

How Many Professionals Are Needed in Your Organization?
By Samantha Connell, Todd Hogue, and Laurence Pearlman

Banding Together

Making the Case for Occupational Exposure Bands
By T.J. Lentz and Melissa Edmondson

By the Numbers

Tuberculosis in the United States


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The New Laboratory Ventilation Standard
By D. Jeff Burton

Exposure Assessment

Exposure Modeling: The Next Generation
By Mike Jayjock and Neil C. Hawkins

Women in IH

Continuing the Conversation: OEHS for Women
By Joy Jacobsen

Keeping Pace with the AI Revolution

Considerations for OHS Professionals
By Jay A. Vietas

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

IHs Are Needed Now More Than Ever
By Aurora Le and Shawn Gibbs

Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

How to Reduce Heat Burden from PPE and Other Factors
By Jeff L. Behar and Paul E. Allen

By the Numbers

Heat Hazards and Enforcement