Table of Contents by Issue


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President’s Message
Prudent Investments
By Donna S. Heidel


Perfection vs. Practicality in Disaster Response
By Alan Leibowitz


The Safety Threshold: Understanding Risk Tolerances
By Andrey Korchevskiy

Public Event Safety

A Review of Standards and Guidance to Protect Workers and the Public
By Lorraine Sedlak, Matthew Parker, and Danielle S. Mills

Decarbonization and Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Are They Compatible?
By John P. "Jack" Springston and Wane A. Baker

Reflections on Wildland Firefighting

Protective Clothing, Equipment, Hazards, and Procedures
By John C. Ratliff

By the Numbers

Salton Sea Aerosols and Lung Inflammation


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President’s Message
Looking Ahead to AIHce EXP 2023
By Donna S. Heidel


Ergonomics: Fitting the Task to the Worker
By Penney M. Stanch, Albert Moore, and James D. McGlothlin

In Memoriam

Harry J. Ettinger, 1934–2022
By Bob Lieckfield, Jr.

Special Section

AIHA Candidates’ Forum

Many Paths, One Goal

Exploring Different Approaches to Occupational Risk Assessment
By Silvia Maberti and Andy Maier

Improving Workers' Decision-Making

The OEHS Implications of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology
By Bernard L. Fontaine, Jr. and Carl Sall

Approaches To Ventilation Systems

A Survey of ANSI Z9 Standards
By D. Jeff Burton

By the Numbers

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


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President’s Message
Standards of Care for Exposure Assessment
By Donna S. Heidel

Communication and Training

Introduction to Microlearning
By Jonathan Klane


A Career Without Borders
By Zack Mansdorf

Don’t Just “Shrink It and Pink It”

Common PPE Challenges for Women
By Diana Peroni and Katie Stryker

Cause for Alarm

Addressing the Alarm-Setting Process in Real-Time Detection Systems Implementation
By Evison Carefoot, Emanuele Cauda, Robert Henderson, Steven Jahn, and William Mills

Support Systems

Five Women in OEHS Reflect on Their Successes
By Celia A. Booth

By the Numbers

Fatal Occupational Injuries for 2021