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President’s Message
Prudent Investments
By Donna S. Heidel


Perfection vs. Practicality in Disaster Response
By Alan Leibowitz


The Safety Threshold: Understanding Risk Tolerances
By Andrey Korchevskiy

Public Event Safety

A Review of Standards and Guidance to Protect Workers and the Public
By Lorraine Sedlak, Matthew Parker, and Danielle S. Mills

Decarbonization and Indoor Air Quality Improvements

Are They Compatible?
By John P. "Jack" Springston and Wane A. Baker

Reflections on Wildland Firefighting

Protective Clothing, Equipment, Hazards, and Procedures
By John C. Ratliff

By the Numbers

Salton Sea Aerosols and Lung Inflammation


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President’s Message
Looking Ahead to AIHce EXP 2023
By Donna S. Heidel


Ergonomics: Fitting the Task to the Worker
By Penney M. Stanch, Albert Moore, and James D. McGlothlin

In Memoriam

Harry J. Ettinger, 1934–2022
By Bob Lieckfield, Jr.

Special Section

AIHA Candidates’ Forum

Many Paths, One Goal

Exploring Different Approaches to Occupational Risk Assessment
By Silvia Maberti and Andy Maier

Improving Workers' Decision-Making

The OEHS Implications of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology
By Bernard L. Fontaine, Jr. and Carl Sall

Approaches To Ventilation Systems

A Survey of ANSI Z9 Standards
By D. Jeff Burton

By the Numbers

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


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President’s Message
Standards of Care for Exposure Assessment
By Donna S. Heidel

Communication and Training

Introduction to Microlearning
By Jonathan Klane


A Career Without Borders
By Zack Mansdorf

Don’t Just “Shrink It and Pink It”

Common PPE Challenges for Women
By Diana Peroni and Katie Stryker

Cause for Alarm

Addressing the Alarm-Setting Process in Real-Time Detection Systems Implementation
By Evison Carefoot, Emanuele Cauda, Robert Henderson, Steven Jahn, and William Mills

Support Systems

Five Women in OEHS Reflect on Their Successes
By Celia A. Booth

By the Numbers

Fatal Occupational Injuries for 2021


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President’s Message
A Research Agenda for the Profession
By Donna S. Heidel


Risk and Effective Communication
By Chuck Geraci


“Perfection vs. Practicality”: Readers Respond

Special Section

AIHce EXP 2023 Preview

Out in the Workplace

Perspectives on Being LGBTQ+ in the OEHS Profession
By A. Michael Ierardi, Albert Moore, and Eric Shwartsman

Bridging the Gaps

IHs Can Connect Ventilation Engineering, IAQ, and Infection Control
By Chaolong Qi, Duane R. Hammond, Kevin H. Dunn, and Kenneth R. Mead

Wearable Wisdom

The Promise and Challenge of Wearable Sensors for Heat Stress Management
By Spencer Pizzani, Emanuele Cauda, Maggie Morrissey, and William Mills

By the Numbers

Trains and Hazmat Incidents


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Special Section
AIHce EXP Exhibitor List

President’s Message

Sustained Success
By Donna S. Heidel


ASTM Standards for Air Quality
By Kenneth T. (Kenn) White

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Five Tips for Implementing Better Ergonomics Controls
By Rick Barker

Occupational Health Disparities

What Are They, and Why Do They Matter?
By Aurora B. Le

A Universal Framework

Using OSHA’s Process Safety Management Standard to Enhance Your EHS Program
By Matthew Parker and Vic D’Amato

Last Day on the Job

Workplace Violence and Occupational Homicide
By Eva M. Glosson

By the Numbers

California’s Proposed Lead Regulation


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OEHS Professionals and Ventilation
By D. Jeff Burton


Practical Examples of Alarm-Setting Guidance, Part 1
By Spencer Pizzani, Evison Carefoot, Robery Henderson, and Steven Jahn

A Primer on Eye and Face Protection

Understanding and Implementing a Workplace Program
By Paul Allen, Curtis Hintz, and Kevin Mahoney

Introducing the National Firefighter Registry for Cancer

A New Effort to Understand and Reduce Cancer in Firefighters
By Kenneth Fent, Miriam Siegel, Alex Mayer, and Andrea Wilkinson

DEI Through Ergonomics

Supporting Diverse Body Types and Abilities
By Gary Downey, Ellen Gallo, and Penney Stanch

By the Numbers

Blastomycosis Outbreak in Michigan


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President's Message
Instilling Passion for OEHS
By Dina M. Siegel


An Eye on Risk
By Matthew L. Berkheiser, Linette Leadon, Chavaun LeBlanc, and Marivonne Rodriguez


Choosing an Industrial Hygiene Laboratory
By Derek Popp

Special Section

On Brand
By Ed Rutkowski

Synergistic Systems

The Complexities of Modern Laboratory Ventilation
By Jim Coogan

A Strategic Approach to Laboratory Ventilation

Three Steps for Achieving Satisfactory Fume Hood Performance
By Thomas C. Smith

Next-Level Accreditation

AIHA LAP Enters Year Two of Its Strategic Plan
By Cheryl O. Morton

By the Numbers

California Workers and Mental Health, 2020


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President’s Message

Help Students Discover OEHS
By Dina M. Siegel


AI in OEHS: Ethics of the Future
By Alan Leibowitz

Special Section

Product Stewardship News and PSX 2023 Preview

Our First Line of Defense

Protecting the Skin Against Chemical Agents
By Robert N. Phalen

Emerging Issues in Cannabis and Workers’ Compensation

Setting Priorities for Future Research
By John Howard, Steven Wurzelbacher, and Jamie Osborne

Behind the Scenes

An Introduction to IH and OEHS in Television and Film
By Kay Bechtold

By the Numbers

Fatal Hydrogen Sulfide Incident in a Shipboard Confined Space


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President’s Message
New Task Forces for IAQ and TSCA
By Dina M. Siegel

Professional Growth

Applying and Preparing for the CIH Exam
By Maggie Murphy


Asbestos Restrictions: The International Picture
By Jorge Delucca

Communication and Training

A Quick Dive into Microlearning
By Jonathan Klane


Practical Examples of Alarm-Setting Guidance, Part 2
By Spencer Pizzani, Robert Henderson, and Steven Jahn

Overlooked and Unprotected

Nail Salon Workers Face Many Hazards
By Aurora B. Lê & Trân B. Huỳnh

A Good Seal

Why Respirator Fit Testing Is Essential for Filtering Facepiece Respirators
By Richard W. Metzler, David L. Spelce, James S. Johnson, Christopher C. Coffey, Timothy R. Rehak, and Roy T. McKay

Letting Surfaces Tell a Story

New Guidance from NIOSH on Surface Sampling
By Kendra Broadwater

By the Numbers

Welder’s Anthrax


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President’s Message
Introducing the EHS Network Subscription
By Dina M. Siegel


The Widespread Need for Occupational Hygiene
By Samantha Connell


Knowing When to Quit
By Thea Dunmire

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Decoding Calibration: The “Working Standards”
By Lucinette Alvarado

Meeting an Urgent Need

A New Respirator Performance Standard for Canada
By Simon Smith

A New Domain

Advancing Protection for Susceptible Workers
By Spencer Pizzani

Healthy Work Strategies for a “Coronanormal” Society

Addressing Economic Insecurity, Stress, Sleep Deprivation, and Fatigue
By Sara L. Tamers, Tapas K. Ray, and Jeannie A.S. Nigam

By the Numbers

Work-Related Vision Impairment


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President’s Message

Becoming Better Communicators
By Dina M. Siegel


Thoughts on “AI in OEHS”


Practical Examples of Alarm-Setting Guidance, Part 3
By Spencer Pizzani

Sponsored by Takmos LLC

Plain Language: The Antidote to Alert Fatigue?
By Renee Hartsook

Rethinking the Lead Standard

Recent and Pending Regulations Reflect Greater Understanding of Lead’s Health Effects
By Eva M. Glosson

Battle of the Bands

Alternative Strategies for Risk Management in the Workplace
By Alex Mercer

Protecting Against Engineered Nanomaterial Exposures

Considerations for PPE Selection
By Jeffrey L. Behar

By the Numbers

Health Workers’ Mental Health