Channel Descriptions

Article in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

Description: A peer-reviewed body of work published in both print and online editions to enhance the knowledge and practice of occupational and environmental hygiene and safety, advancing, and protecting worker health worldwide.

Target Audience: IH/OEHS audience

Right for Me? Consider submitting to JOEH if your article discusses ideas, methods, processes, and research in the core and emerging areas of occupational and environmental hygiene.

Format Outline:

  • JOEH publishes five article types: technical manuscripts, short reports, review articles, commentaries, and letters to the editor. Detailed descriptions of these article types are available from the JOEH website.
Article in the Synergist

Description: A body of work that will be published in the Synergist, a monthly magazine that provides readers with in-depth news and information about the occupational and environmental health and safety fields and the industrial hygiene profession.

Target Audience: IH/OEHS audience

Right for Me? Consider submitting to the Synergist if you have practical information that will be helpful to working industrial hygienists and OEHS professionals, or if you have an opinion or viewpoint you’d like to share on a current topic relevant to IH/OEHS. Authors of AIHA publications (fact sheets, guidance documents, white papers, etc.) may wish to consider submitting a Synergist article on their topic to give it higher visibility within AIHA.

Format Outline:

  • Feature articles are typically 2,000-3,000 words, and columns are typically 600-1,400 words. The editors will assign a specific word count based on the space available in a given issue.
Blog post on SynergistNOW

Description: A typically short (600-1,000 words) discussion of a timely topic of potential interest to audiences beyond AIHA’s core group of OEHS and IH professionals. Blog posts may or may not incorporate the author’s viewpoint or opinion.

Target Audience: IH/OEHS or public audience

Right for Me? Consider submitting to SynergistNOW if interest in your topic may extend beyond AIHA’s membership to related organizations.

Format Outline:

  • SynergistNOW posts are similar in format to Synergist columns and are typically between 600 and 1,000 words. Occasionally, posts originally published on SynergistNOW may be subsequently republished in the Synergist.

Submission & Approval Process Guidelines for Articles or Blogs

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

Complete instructions for authors are available on the website of Taylor & Francis, the JOEH publisher. Please direct any questions to JOEH Associate Editor Jenn Patterson.

The Synergist and SynergistNOW

Before beginning to write, authors should send a 2-3 sentence description of their proposed topic to Specify whether the proposal is for the magazine or the blog. An editor will respond to verify whether the topic is a good fit. If the topic is approved, the editor will suggest a word count and a deadline. More information is available in the authors’ guidelines.