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We ask that you:

  • Submit the name of your presentation and include a brief explanation describing the key points of your presentation. (Not more than 50 words per presentation. You may submit up to three presentations.)*
  • Submit a sample of each presentation (either a PowerPoint or PDF) – the sample does not have to be the entire presentation*
  • Include a brief professional bio (not to exceed 100 words)*
  • Please submit a photograph/headshot
  • Include your “LinkedIn” and “Twitter” account information if you want others to have access to additional information about your professional background

Note that the review process occurs throughout the year. You will be notified by the end of each quarter regarding the status of your application. Once you are approved, you will be an AIHA Distinguished Lecturer for two years from the date of your acceptance notification. To remain active, you must resubmit your application for review every two years.

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