Mission & Purpose

The Conference Program Committee (CPC) is responsible for reviewing and selecting the education sessions for the annual American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition (AIHce EXP). The CPC is representative of the AIHA membership and the AIHce EXP audience and brings the subject matter expertise and the conference attendee's perspective to the deliberations over which session proposals to choose. The CPC is responsible for ensuring the highest quality content and speakers. Their input is critical to building a dynamic education program. They help ensure that AIHce EXP provides OEHS professionals with the scientific and practical information they need to help them enhance workers' and the community's health and well-being.

Goal 1: Develop an innovative program for AIHce EXP that meets the educational needs of the profession.

  • Ensure that AIHce EXP education is of high quality and addresses current issues of OEHS professionals to enhance attainment and retention of technical competence
  • Develop the conference education program by peer review of submitted session proposals based upon established review criteria
  • Provide feedback on the non-technical program, schedule, and events

Goal 2: Provide long-range planning for continuous improvement of the technical quality of AIHce EXP.

  • Offer assistance and guidance as needed to presenters and other session personnel
  • Identify feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement of AIHce EXP such as conference evaluations and session audits
  • Incorporate recommended initiatives, strategies, outcomes, and guidance for AIHce EXP
  • Maintain open lines of communication and transparency with AIHA technical committees and members


The CPC is comprised of 14 individuals representing a cross-section of OEHS practice.

Committee members are selected to ensure a balance of:

  • Industry sectors (e.g., academia, consulting, corporate, government/ military)
  • Early, mid, and senior career professionals
  • Geographic regions
  • Areas of specialty and other factors to create as diverse a committee as is reasonably possible

Each CPC member serves a term of three years. Terms are staggered to ensure that one-third of the Committee members are new each year. A member’s term ends at the CPC meeting at AIHce EXP in their final year.

As members cycle off the Committee, a call for new CPC members is published. Applications are received and reviewed by key AIHA staff members. Selections are based upon the number of open positions and the representation needed to balance the existing Committee.


To serve on the CPC, an individual should be a current member in good standing of either AIHA or ACGIH and have served on at least one technical committee, local section, or volunteer group in their professional society.

Those interested in being considered must complete and submit a CPC application. Any potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed, such as service on a related or similar committee or volunteer group with another OEHS organization. Selection to serve on the CPC is individual, is not assigned to an organization, and is non-transferrable.


A well-balanced, cross-representative group of volunteers is vital to the CPC's strength and to shaping the educational content for AIHce EXP. Toward that end, the following attributes are considered when CPC representatives are selected.

  • Demonstration of leadership skills and the ability to be thoughtful, deliberative, and decisive
  • Ability to:
    • work collaboratively in a group setting
    • professionally handle differences of opinion with peers
    • speak with “one voice,” supporting decisions once they have been made
  • Ability to represent the profession as a whole, not just one practice area or specialty
  • Proven ability to think long-term and strategically, as well as short-term and tactically
  • Ability to screen submissions in a fair, consistent, defensible, and transparent manner
  • Ability to meet deadlines in a short period of time, especially in the Fall (September-December)
  • Experience as a volunteer in AIHA, ACGIH, or other organizations

CPC Member Expectations & Timeline

  • Three-year commitment with high availability in the Fall (September through December)
  • Adhere to review timeline (provided each year)
  • Over a two-week period in September and October, complete online peer review and rating of 100+ session proposals and be available for 4-hour review call and a 2-hour selection call in mid-to-late- October
  • Over a two-week period in March, complete online peer review and rating of 60+ student poster proposals and be available for a 1-hour call-in mid to late March
  • Attend conference calls as required
  • Attend one in-person meeting each year: conference debrief meeting and luncheon at AIHce EXP in the Spring

Please submit your completed application by Wednesday, March 15, 2023. We anticipate notifying applicants of selection by the beginning of April. If you have any questions, contact Diana Kane, Program Manager, Education.

CPC Application Form

In which of the following sectors do you currently work?
Summarize your educational background and work experience.
List current and prior service on AIHA, ACGIH, or other volunteer groups.
Explain why your skills and experience would make you a valuable contributor on the CPC.
Please upload your resume or CV.
Do you have any potential conflicts of interest with service on the CPC? (For example, are you serving on the conference program committee for another OEHS organization?)
I have read the Conference Program Committee Roles and Responsibilities, listed above this form, and I am able to fulfill this commitment if selected.
NOTE: If selected, your term will begin on May. You will be welcomed by the committee at the official AIHce meeting (date/time TBD). Your first program review and selection will kick-off in September.