The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is seeking two new members to serve on the Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG)!

Purpose and Objectives

The Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) provides input and advice to the AIHA board and staff regarding the association’s body of content on industrial hygiene and occupational and environmental health and safety. Content may include documents, articles, white papers, fact sheets, etc.

CPAG has three primary roles:

  1. Provide guidance on the content development agenda for AIHA, including:
    1. Review proposals for new content development initiatives;
    2. Champion the Content Priorities and work with VGs and staff, and
    3. Suggest topics for the AIHA Guideline Foundation’s research agenda.
  2. Review determinations of VG existing content.
  3. Monitor the market and industry landscape to identify emerging topics for which new content may be needed.


CPAG is comprised of six to ten members representing a cross-section of the AIHA membership. Each member serves a three-year term. Terms are staggered so that as members rotate off, they are replaced with new members.

Eligibility & Selection Process

The process of selecting new CPAG members begins with an open call for applications to the AIHA membership. Applications are reviewed, selections are made by the CPAG leadership team with guidance from the Board Liaison and AIHA staff, followed by approval of new CPAG members by the Board. Selections are made to ensure that the committee maintains as broad diversity of representation as is reasonably possible.

Committee members must be current and active members of AIHA, and are a balanced representation of:

  • Industry sectors (corporate, academia, consulting, government)
  • Early, mid and late-career professionals
  • History of involvement in various AIHA volunteer groups
  • Areas of professional practice and specialty

Volunteers with experience in the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  1. Expertise and previous leadership experience in development of content in one of the CPAG content priorities: Communicating IH concepts, Total Exposure Health, Big Data and Sensor Technology or Serving the Changing Workforce
  2. Volunteer leadership experience
  3. Proven track record of leading volunteers to achieve results


Appointed CPAG members will serve a three-year term beginning June 1, 2020. As a CPAG member, you are expected to:

  • Attend one in-person strategic planning meeting (for which AIHA will cover the cost).
  • Attend AIHce (for which CPAG members will cover their own costs).
  • Actively participate in monthly conference calls throughout the year.
  • Serve as CPAG Champion and/or Co-Champion for one of the five Content Portfolio Teams.
    • Click this link for further information on the roles and responsibilities for the CPT.
  • Identify experts and encourage volunteers to submit CPAG Content Proposal forms for all new ideas.
  • Conduct activities in accordance with relevant AIHA policies, procedures, and priorities.
  • Represent the interests of CPAG during collaborative efforts with AIHA staff, liaisons, and VGs.
  • Periodically review the CPAG roles and responsibilities to determine whether CPAG is effectively supporting AIHA’s mission.


  • Accountable to the AIHA Board of Directors.
  • Accountable to uphold and abide by the AIHA Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy and Code of Conduct.

General Time Commitment

  • Attend annual meeting at AIHce.
  • Attend annual 1-2-day strategic planning meeting.
  • Actively participate in 90-minute monthly conference calls.
  • Review and evaluate new and existing content proposals (average 6 proposals/month)
  • As necessary, hold ad-hoc conference calls (crucial to encouraging and coordinating VG activities to include content priorities in their service to the profession)

In absolute terms, the time spent is approximately 10 hours of service per month. As an added benefit, serving on this advisory group will account for CM points towards your credential.

To Apply

Applications will be accepted until 5 PM ET on March 2, 2020 and are to be submitted via the following online application form. You can send in your self-nomination or nominate a candidate that you think is suitable for the role. If selected, you will be notified by March 23, 2020.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss your participation further, please contact Stacy Calhoun.

Application Form

Which certification(s) do you currently hold? Select all that apply.
Please list prior and current service for AIHA (e.g., Volunteer Groups, Board).
Include a brief statement of why your skills and experience would make you a valuable member on CPAG.
Please include a brief statement of why your skills and experience would make you a valuable contributor.
Please upload a copy of your CV or Resume.