Communicating IH Concepts Vision Statements

  1. AIHA is a champion for generating awareness and promoting the value of the OEHS profession to corporations and the community.
  2. AIHA develops tools to support OEHS professionals in communication with Management, the C-suite, and the community.
  3. AIHA products always reflect consideration of the content priorities.
  4. AIHA identifies how OEHS skills in Enterprise Risk Management demonstrate value of the profession.

    Synergist Blog

    Public Resources

    • AIHA Newsletters help keep people stay on top of the latest news and updates within AIHA and the OEHS industry.
    • AIHA Air Quality Webpage addresses how although most of the concern about air quality originally focused on the workplace, more people are looking for answers to health and comfort problems occurring in their own home.
    • Center for Safety and Health Sustainability recognizes and acts on the value of occupational safety, health and well-being as part of their sustainable business practices.

    Volunteer Groups

    • Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) helps advance AIHA’s mission and values by providing input and advice to the AIHA Board and staff regarding the content AIHA provides to members and other stakeholders. Content may include documents, articles, white papers, fact sheets, publications and more. Here you can find information on how you can contribute to the development and advocacy of AIHA content. To see current initiatives, please visit the Communicating IH Concepts dashboard.
    • Risk Committee supports and promotes the application of human health risk assessment to better understand and control the hazards found within workplace and environmental settings.
    • Leadership and Management Committee promotes the health and safety of all workers, the public, and the environment through the development of core leadership competencies of OEHS professionals.
    • Communication and Training Methods Committee provides a forum for discussion and recommendations on methods for education, training, and communicating with employees, employers, and the community about occupational and environmental health risks and allied topics.