Total Exposure Health Vision Statements

  1. OEHS Professionals understand how occupational and non-occupational exposures combine to affect health outcomes and are engaging IH skill sets in assessing all exposures and their integration for overall exposure.
  2. OEHS Professionals are recognized as exposure science experts that anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control all exposures that combine to impact human health.
  3. OEHS Professionals are seen as valued partners collaborating with other scientific communities on initiatives involving integration of exposure data with other determinants of human health (e.g., Total Worker Health, Exposome, Total Exposure Health).


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Public Resources

  • The Mold Resource Center explores how for more than a decade, mold has been in the news. People are talking about the effect on population health and damage to the building. But what are the risks and issues? A number of agencies have guidelines that include protective measures for mold remediation and cleaning.
  • AIHA's Public Policy Agenda embodies three core elements of change, addressing 15 of the country’s most important worker health and safety challenges.
  • Protect Yourself from Noise Induced Hearing Loss since it has an impact on every level of our lives: in the workplace, among our family and friends, and at leisure.
  • Indoor Air Quality has received a great deal of attention in recent years. Although most of the concern originally focused on the workplace, more people are looking for answers to health and comfort problems occurring in their homes.


Volunteer Groups

  • Content Portfolio Advisory Group (CPAG) helps advance AIHA’s mission and values by providing input and advice to the AIHA Board and staff regarding the content AIHA provides to members and other stakeholders. Content may include documents, articles, white papers, fact sheets, publications and more. Here you can find information on how you can contribute to the development and advocacy of AIHA content. To see current initiatives, please visit the Total Exposure Health dashboard.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Committee provides a forum for exchanging ideas and information about indoor environmental quality and to participate in the development and analysis of related technological and regulatory issues.
  • Risk Committee supports and promotes the application of human health risk assessment to better understand and control the hazards found within workplace and environmental settings.
  • Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee provides leadership in the field of exposure assessment and strategies for environmental health, safety, and industrial hygiene professionals.
  • Healthcare Working Group creates a forum for health care OEHS professionals to discuss issues of concern, share best practices, and promote positive change. To achieve our mission, the HCWG is composed of seven project teams. The project teams were developed around common issues affecting health and safety professionals in healthcare.