September 25, 2023

Quick Takes October 2023

Attention AIHA Members!

Renewal Season Begins October 1!
AIHA would like to thank all of you for continuing to be a member! We can't accomplish our shared vision and mission without every one of you, especially this past year! We hope that you join us again in 2024 for another year of advancing the profession and promoting a world where all workers and healthy and safe. Have one less thing to think about by paying your dues today. Please note that local section dues need to be added to your cart.

AIHA Board of Directors 2023-2024 Nominations
AIHA is seeking nominations for four Board of Directors positions: one (1) Vice President, one (1) Secretary-Elect, and two (2) at-large Director positions. Electronic submission forms are available for all positions. Deadline for nominations is October 6, 2023

Are you ready to raise awareness about AIHA, IH/OH, and teen safety in the workplace?
Your challenge for the next ten months is to travel across the nation or just around your neighborhood and share your insights with as many students as possible. This includes students in elementary or secondary schools, colleges, and universities. It is crucial for everyone to comprehend the significance of the IH profession. Let's join and encourage students to pursue careers in OEHS.

OEHS Risk Communication: Concepts from Dr. Peter M. Sandman
An AIHA CPAG initiative recently identified key content from Dr. Peter M. Sandman, the mind behind the "Risk = Hazard + Outrage" formula, that can help IH and OEHS professionals, practitioners, and leaders improve their risk communication skills for various audiences. With a rich academic background and extensive experience, Dr. Sandman has paved the way for effective risk communication. The content identified by the AIHA CPAG can help you navigate the delicate balance of outrage and apathy, ensuring that you can communicate risks effectively. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from his insights and enhance your risk communication skills!

Resources from Healthier Workplaces
Learn how to manage your exposure to various hazards at work and home using this hub of free information created by leading occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals. These resources are designed to help employers and employees safeguard worker health and well-being, as well as guide the public to prepare for and address emergencies like natural disasters and wildfires.

AIHA Defining the Science Advisory Group is Looking for Research Ideas
We invite you to share your research ideas with us! Whether you're part of an AIHA Volunteer Group or an individual, your input can help advance Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) practices. We're looking for ideas that enhance our understanding of the profession and its impact on worker health, from methods and techniques to broader topics like green building codes and leadership. Let's work together to define the science that shapes our industry!

From AIHA Communication Center

AIHA Guideline Foundation Receives $10,000 for Emergency Response Planning Guidelines
The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has awarded the AIHA Guideline Foundation a second donation of $10,000 to continue developing the Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPG) program. Read more!

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AIHA Volunteer Committees’ Bodies of Work

Access an extensive library of resources developed by AIHA Volunteer Committees in their areas of specialty on various topics of interest.

Healthier Workplaces Show

Get ready for an engaging experience with episodes 24 and 25 of our Healthier Workplaces Show!

In episode 25, we dive into portfolio building, interview strategies, and valuable resources offered by AIHA's Career and Employment Services Committee. Episode 24 takes a look at the updated noise manual for OEHS professionals, some of its key updates and additions, as well as some of the practical applications and benefits that professionals can derive from it. Learn more!