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May Issue

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In Hamilton’s Footsteps

The Experiences of Women in Industrial Hygiene
Since Alice Hamilton’s time, many women have discovered a passion for preventing occupational illnesses. Who are the women working to ensure that today’s workplaces are healthy and safe? The Synergist spoke with several of them to illustrate the range of experiences and perspectives of female industrial hygienists.

A Power Mission in Puerto Rico

Bringing Aid and Electricity after Hurricane Maria
Last September, Hurricane Maria disabled Puerto Rico’s electrical grid, leaving 95 percent of the 3.4 million inhabitants without power. To this day, Puerto Rico is still reeling from the storm’s impact.

The “Bandits” Speak

NIOSH Considers Feedback from Users of its Proposed Occupational Exposure Banding Process
NIOSH has proposed a process for occupational exposure banding, which assigns chemicals to specific categories that correspond to a range of exposure concentrations. Feedback from early adopters, also known as “bandits,” has played a significant role in refining the agency’s process.