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August Issue

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The Best Sampling Data

Tips for Improving Collaboration between Field Industrial Hygienists and Laboratory Professionals
As the industrial hygiene profession matured, sampling and analysis became separate, specialized job functions. Communication is therefore vital to bridge the gap between the field practitioner and laboratory personnel.

Asbestos in Focus

An Introduction to Laboratory Analysis and Quality Assurance
Renovation of older buildings containing asbestos and the thicket of regulations governing such projects will continue to require knowledgeable professionals for sampling and abatement. And for some of the laboratories that serve IHs, analyzing those samples remains a source of steady business.

After the Fire

Assessing the Potential Health Risks of Wildfire Residues in the Indoor Environment
The potential human health effects of wildfire smoke and residues often remain unanswered. How do we evaluate the potential health hazard posed by wildfire residue?