NIOSH Resources

  • Apps and Digital Tools from NIOSH The following NIOSH apps and software tools provide the practicing industrial hygienist with quick and easy access to the information necessary to evaluate exposure profiles and determine if the exposures are acceptable, not acceptable or if more data is needed to determine acceptability.
  • New NIOSH Report Outlines Its Occupational Exposure Banding Process A new technical report published by NIOSH describes the agency’s voluntary occupational exposure banding process for chemical risk management.


  • OEB Instructional Videos
    • Occupational Exposure Banding: What You Need to Know Occupational exposure banding provides a framework to help protect worker health from potential chemical exposures even when certain information on the chemical is lacking. Although an OEB is not a substitute for an OEL, creating an OEB is a step towards safeguarding workers from the chemical’s effects and may also help occupational health bodies prioritize the chemical in question for OEL development. (View the first video in the series.)
    • How OEB Can Help You Keep Workers Safe This video explains the three tiers of OEBs and how they are used by industrial hygienists (IH) and occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals to better identify hazardous materials for employees and workers at the workplace. (View the second video in the series).
  • Survey
    • AIHA/NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding Evaluation Survey Results showcase the findings from the AIHA/NIOSH collaboration aimed at understanding how the NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding process and electronic tool (e-Tool) are utilized by industrial hygienists, toxicologists, risk managers, and other health and safety professionals.


Frameworks are written by appointed members and volunteers that worked collaboratively to develop guides, which outline the knowledge and skills a competent person should possess and be able to demonstrate in a specific topic or specialty.

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