​Type of Study/Workplac​​e Needed

  • Cleaning a​nd disinfecting chemicals among healthcare workers –​ Acute respiratory effects
  • Exposure to styrene among boat or wind blade manufacturers – respiratory health effects.
  • Advanced Manufacturing – robotics, 3D printing, other additive manufacturing
  • Silica Exposure – granite countertops
  • Vape Shops
  • Opioids – first responders, HCW, others
  • Healthcare Workers – Nurses/nursing assistants (job stress, lower extremity disorders, long work hours)
  • Coal tar sealants during pavement sealing
  • Respiratory and musculoskeletal exposures in shipyards
  • Occupational Exposures in Upstream Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • Evaluating the effect(s) of prolonged heat exposure on cognitive performance/ Underground or surface m​ines
  • Design and implementation of a fatigue management system/ All mine types
  • Understanding the prevalence, cost and functional outcomes of illnesses and chronic disease in mining/ All mine types
  • Beyond compliance. Improving monitoring of worker exposures in mining using a risk-based approach.​​​

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