Description: AIHA University webinars are live, virtual educational, or instructive sessions that involve audio and visual communication between a speaker and their audience.

Target Audience: OEHS or public audience

Right for Me? Choose this format if you want to share OEHS information, trends, technology, and best practices with a live audience outside of our AIHce conference program.

Format Outline:

  • Presenters may typically choose a 60, 90, or 120-minute time limit
  • Webinars come in interview, panel, and presentation formats:
    • In interview webinars, a moderator interviews an OEHS expert on a topic, using prewritten questions
    • In panel webinars, a moderator facilitates discussion on a topic by a panel of up to three experts who offer different perspectives
    • In presentation webinars, one or more experts speak on a topic; typically, each speaker presents on a separate subject within the topic
  • Recommend time allotted to learner questions during or at the end of the presentation

Submission & Approval Process Guidelines for University Webinars

Step 1: Staff review internal data to determine topical priorities for AIHA University Webinars and the total amount of webinar programming to be offered each year. Factors we look at include:

  • Gaps in information covered by existing AIHA content, based on analyses of AIHA member or Synergist subscriber needs assessments and surveys
  • Synergist topics and common search terms
  • Upcoming publications and technical frameworks
  • Committee business plans
  • Sales data for existing products
  • Overall budget remaining in the calendar year for webinar execution

Step 2: Staff reaches out to subject matter experts in priority topical areas to gauge their interest in collaborating with staff and each other to create a webinar.

Step 3: A Webinar Description Form is provided to potential presenters. This form contains basic information about the webinar that includes:

  • Description
  • Learning objectives, which characterize the specific skills that participants will leave having acquired
  • Learning levels, from beginners in a topic area to those with more experience
  • Specific topics covered
  • Intended audience
  • Format
  • Preferred date, time, and duration

Step 4: Once the form has been received, the webinar topic is evaluated against identified topical priorities. The webinar's feasibility is considered based on its capacity for attendance and the amount of time available to market the program adequately.

Step 5: The staff decides what action to take regarding the webinar. This decision may have the following outcomes:

  • Staff decides to schedule the webinar
  • Staff refers the webinar to another internal group, such as The Synergist or the Product Stewardship Society
  • Staff decides to put the webinar topic on hold to be developed in a future year
  • Staff declines the webinar

Ready to submit your idea?

Please check out the AIHA University before submitting a proposal to avoid proposing a product that we already offer. You may want to contact us about product viability prior to submitting a proposal as we know our market and can help you focus your proposal.