Target Audience: IH/OEHS or public audience

Right for Me? Choose this format if you want to share OEHS information, trends, technology, and best practices with a live audience outside of our AIHce conference program.

Format Outline:

  • Typical duration options include: 60; 90; and 120 minutes
  • Webinar Formats can include:
    • Interview Webinar: Moderator interviews expert in the field on a topic, based on pre-determined questions
    • Panel Webinar: a panel of up to 3 experts come together to discuss a topic, offering different perspectives. A moderator is helpful to facilitate the discussion
    • Presentation Webinar: One or more presenters, typically presenting on discrete parts of a topic
  • Recommend time allotted to learner questions during or at the end of the presentation

Submission & Approval Process Guidelines for University Webinars

Step 1: Staff review internal data to determine topical priorities for AIHA University Webinars and determine the total amount of webinar programming to be offered each year. Factors we look at include:

  • Gap Analysis, member or subscriber needs assessments/surveys
  • Synergist topics/search items
  • Upcoming publications, technical frameworks
  • Committee Business Plans
  • Sales Data for existing products
  • Budget for execution

Step 2: Staff reaches out to SMEs in priority topical areas to gauge interest in collaborating.

Step 3: Webinar Description Form is provided to potential presenters

  • Description
  • Learning Objectives, learning levels, and topics
  • Audience
  • Format
  • Preferred Timing and Duration

Step 4: Once the form is received, the webinar topic is evaluated based on identified topical priorities and feasibility is evaluated based on capacity and time to adequately market the program.

Step 5: Webinar Decision Made by Staff

  • Move ahead with scheduling webinar
  • Refer webinar to another internal group (Synergist webinar series, Product Stewardship Society, etc.)
  • Hold webinar topic for future year
  • Decline the webinar

Ready to submit your idea?

Please check out the AIHA University before submitting a proposal to avoid proposing a product that we already offer. You may want to contact us about product viability prior to submitting a proposal as we know our market and can help you focus your proposal.