Scope of Work

AIHA members and Occupational Environmental, Health and Safety (OEHS) professionals benefitting from this work include: Local Sections, AIHA members, AIHA consultants, EHS professionals.

This committee strives to create a forum make OEHS professionals aware, work with partner organizations to provide education and training on computer applications and information systems issues by development of PDC’s and other outreach opportunities.

Goals and Objectives

  • Develops and provides technology-focused education, training, and tools by development of PDC’s and other outreach opportunities.
  • Achieve and maintain an active membership encompassing a broad range of industries, education, certifications, and experience reflective of health and safety practice in new technologies and issues.
  • Establish and maintain a formal relationship with the AIHA Technology Initiatives Strategic Advisory Group (TISAG) and other Committees active in technology development.
  • Achieve and maintain excellence in committee operations through judicious use of volunteer resources, active engagement with all related AIHA volunteer groups and staff, and formalized mentoring and development of members.
  • Actively engages in advocacy and works to influence the direction of technologies used for health and safety research and education.
  • Committed to outreach with future professionals, the existing AIHA membership, and the general public.

Current Projects

  • AIHA and NIOSH IH Calculator Application.

Products Produced by the Group

  • IH App
  • PDC’s
  • Using Excel for IH Database
  • Use of “Palm” Devices for IH Applications
  • Smart Devices for the EH&S Professional
  • “So You Want To Make An App?”
  • AIHce Sessions:
  • Roundtable and Podium Sessions: Updates on Leveraging IH Practice with the Latest Technology 2012
  • Roundtable “Hack, Hack – Who’s There?” 2015
  • Synergist Publications:
  • Smart Security - Tips for Securing Your Smart Phone-Mark Rollins for CAC
  • Apps for the EHS Professional-Mark Rollins for CAC
  • “The DIY Database” Diana Larson

Collaboration Efforts


Group Dynamics

Interested? Join Us!

Our members range from students to career-long professionals, with a varied mix of OEHS practitioners, conservators, and collection managers. We are a friendly and active group, with engaging quarterly virtual meetings. You can choose the level of involvement that fits your availability by:

  • Joining a project team: learn from each other and produce real-world tools to protect workers,
  • Participating in monthly meetings and suggesting other areas of concern to explore,
  • One and done micro-volunteering tasks as needs arise, and/or stepping up to a leadership role (Secretary-elect, Secretary, Vice-Chair, Chair)

For more information, contact one of our officers:

Chair: Linda Bridges, CIH

[email protected]

Vice Chair: John J. Svagr, CIH

[email protected]

Secretary: Michael Groh, CIH, CSP

[email protected]

Past Chair: Jennifer K. Shin, CIH

[email protected]