Membership Advisory Group


We serve as brand ambassadors for AIHA by promoting members’ awareness of their resources, services, and benefits. We represent industrial hygienists and occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals to improve AIHA members’ experience.


The Membership Advisory Group focuses on identifying, developing, and implementing strategies to advance AIHA's goals and objectives related to membership. Membership development is important as a means of governing the organization and achieving its overall mission.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Membership Advisory Group supports AIHA’s strategic plan with an emphasis on:

  • identifying the needs of members and non-members and recommending services to meet those needs;
  • recruiting new members, especially among underrepresented groups including, but not limited to, Black or African Americans, Hispanic or Latino Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders;
  • retaining members through communicating relevant events and information;
  • welcoming new members, facilitating their onboarding, and encouraging their participation in AIHA activities;
  • gathering information on and analyzing non-members’ needs and perceptions of AIHA and recommending ways to meet these needs to attract non-members;
  • creating blogs, articles, and social media updates that highlight the perspectives and experiences of AIHA members and the value of membership.

Reporting Procedures

The Membership Advisory Group Chair and Vice Chair must submit an annual report to AIHA by January 15. The committee works closely with AIHA staff throughout the year.

Meetings and Member Expectations

Members are expected to attend the annual committee meeting, which coincides with AIHA Connect. Members must be available for scheduled committee conference calls, both monthly and as needed. To distribute the workload, each committee member is assigned leadership roles for major projects, and committee members are expected to volunteer for assignments with equal frequency.