Goals and Objectives

The PCE Committee identifies and pursues numerous projects with specific goals to achieve our vision. These goals drive our projects to ensure successful completion.

Specific annual objectives and performance measures are developed by committee members at each year’s AIHce annual meeting.

The committee is actively engaged in advocacy within the association and within the broad boundaries of the OEHS community and works to influence the direction of research and education related to protective clothing. The committee is a recognized source of science-based information and is committed to outreach with future professionals, the existing AIHA membership, and the general public.

Current Projects

Synergist Articles:

  • Introduction of a tool to help assess the need for FR (Flame Resistant) clothing.
  • Glove selection for chemical mixtures.
  • Single vs double protection.

Products Produced by the Group

Synergist Articles:

      • Integrating Sensors in PPE.
      • Penetration vs. Permeation vs. Degradation.
      • Decontamination and Reuse of PPE in Healthcare: An Overview of Pandemic Guidance.


      • Bulwark Heat Stress.
      • FR/AR Clothing.
      • Cleaning FR Clothing During COVID-19.

      Technical Reviewers:

        • Synergist Articles
        • AIHA Covid-19 Team Document.
        • AIHce PDC/Education Sessions.

        Additional Projects:

          • R Assessment Tool.


          • Awarded second Pengfei Gao Memorial Scholarship.
          • Nomination and election of PCE member Curtis W. Hintz, CIH, CSP to AIHA Fellow (2021).
          • Nomination and election of PCE member Daniel H. Anna, PhD, CIH, CSP to AIHA Fellow (2021).

          Collaboration Efforts

          PCE Committee members have:

          • Provided 7 reviewers to evaluate 2021 AIHce PDC/Education Session submissions
          • Reviewed Synergist article on protective eyewear during COVID – Not published
          • Review document on COVID-19 guidance for cleaning face masks in support of the AIHA COVID-19 Project Team

          Group dynamics

          The PCE Committee members range from early career professionals to career-long professionals. The group welcomes participation from all experience levels and is an excellent committee to learn from, network as well as contribute to the Industrial Hygiene field.


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