AIHA Tech Talks is a volunteer-driven resource brought to members by the Technology Initiatives Strategic Advisory Group.

These informal talks are to help professionals like you figure out how to do common application functions for software you may have installed (or are considering) on your system or device. Tech Talk presenters are members like you who have overcome some challenges and want to share what they've discovered.

Tech Talk presenters will speak about how their IH/OEHS process works with common applications and software, such as Office 365 and Adobe. You'll also hear about data cleanup solutions and other common practices that will help you be more efficient in your work.

Each video addresses a specific topic and can be viewed in any order. If you have an idea for a future Tech Talk, please reach out to a TI-SAG committee member.

Tech Talk video topics

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Tech Talk I: Common Lingo

Tech Talk II: Jupyter

Tech Talk III: Power Query

Tech Talk IV: IH Data Management