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This self-study course will assist hazard communication professionals in reviewing how to author Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labels for hazardous products, with a heavy focus on categorizing hazardous products under the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Revision 8.

Addressing both the knowledge and skills required for proficient SDS and label authoring as defined by the SDS and Label Authoring Registry Competency Framework, this course makes an excellent addition to your preparation strategy for AIHA Registry Programs’ SDS and Label Authoring Registry competency assessment.

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Learning Level

Course content is intermediate to advanced and is intended for those who have some education, training, and experience in SDS and Label authoring, but will provide a great foundation of information for professionals new to this aspect of the hazard communication profession.


  • Rubric 1a: Math
  • Rubric 1b: Chemistry
  • Rubric 2a: Introduction to the GHS
  • Rubric 2b: Labelling and the SDS
  • Rubric 3: Physical Hazards
  • Rubric 4a: Introduction to Toxicology and Health Hazards
  • Rubric 4b: GHS Health Hazard Classification
  • Rubric 5: Environmental Hazards
  • Rubric 6: Industrial Hygiene and Safety
  • Rubric 7: Risk Assessment
  • Rubric 8: Associated Regulations and Standards

Who Will Benefit

  • Hazard communication professionals who are responsible for authoring safety data sheets (SDS) and labels for hazardous products.
  • Individuals incorporating newly assigned SDS and Label authoring duties into their regular job responsibilities will find this course an excellent primer.
  • Those interested in earning the SDSRPTM credential can use this course as a final "tune-up" prior to sitting for the SDS and Label Authoring Registry competency assessment or as an initial assessment of knowledge and skills within a comprehensive assessment preparation strategy.*

*Please note: It is not required to take this prep course in order to sit for the Registry Program exam. Completion does not guarantee admission into the SDS and Label Authoring Registry Program. Successful completion of this course translates to 2 qualification points applicable for the Registry Program exam application.

Learning Outcomes

This course is aligned with the SDS & Label Authoring Registry Competency Framework and covers the following concepts:

  • General math calculations and chemistry principles pertinent to SDS authoring.
  • GHS concepts around properly classifying substances/mixtures and the standard format of an SDS and label to effectively communicate hazards.
  • Classifying the physical hazards of a substance/mixture.
  • Toxicology and biology concepts for health hazard classification.
  • Ecotoxicology concepts for classifying the environmental hazards of a substance/mixture.
  • Industrial hygiene and safety concepts for SDS authoring.
  • Risk assessment principles pertinent to the classification of substances and mixtures.
  • Global GHS implementations, regulatory information (standards, guidelines, etc.), and dangerous goods transportation concepts.

Web Course Materials

All course materials are provided as PDF downloads via the online classroom (registrant-access only). No hardcopy materials are mailed for this course. Registrants get unlimited 24/7 web access for 1 year from date of purchase.

Materials in this course include:

  • A full eLearning suite of 11 modules incorporating narrated slides and interactive activities​.
  • Glossary of terms and acronyms.
  • Interactive notebooks within each module.
  • Practice quizzes throughout.
  • Re-takeable online assessment which provides a visual report of your strengths and weaknesses after each attempt.

Time to Complete

Participants will have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete the course.


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