This webinar recording is available for registration and fulfills the two-hour ethics requirement. Participants will have access to the recording for 90 days. Upon completion, participants will have a record on their AIHA transcript to provide for certification application/renewal.

Webinar Recording: Professional Ethics and Practice of Industrial Hygiene

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Each certification cycle, OEHS professionals reaffirm their commitment to the ethical practice of industrial hygiene. However, many practitioners do not often refer to the Code of Conduct or Canons of Ethical Conduct, nor have occasion to consider their implications. In this litigious society, it is increasingly important to test our understanding of ethical issues that could lead to legal liabilities, ethical misconduct allegations or conflicts of interest, to ensure the integrity of our own practice, and serve as a knowledgeable sounding board to colleagues facing difficult ethical dilemmas.

This webinar will heighten practitioner awareness by using case studies and references from the literature to illustrate the Code of Conduct for the Practice of Industrial Hygiene and its interpretive guidelines, discuss ethical issues associated with emerging areas of practice and consulting, and review ethics code enforcement issues relevant to the industrial hygiene profession. In addition, understanding and taking action to comply in good faith with the Code of Conduct will maintain the CIH as a hallmark for those practicing in the OEHS field.

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