Our goals

  • Assemble, evaluate and disseminate information relevant to student local sections.
  • Expand and communicate programs of mutual interest to the student local sections.
  • Help student local section officers better manage student local section operations.
  • Foster collaboration and community across all student local sections.

Our officers

The Student Local Sections Council is led by a chair, vice chair and secretary.

  • Chair: David McMahan (University of Alabama, Birmingham)
  • Vice Chair: Vishal Nathu (University of Cincinnati)
  • Past Chair: Lexi Pratt (University of Iowa)
  • Secretary: VACANT
  • Student Local Sections Council Advisor: Hillary B. Waterhouse, CIH


Each student local section's two highest-ranking officers—traditionally the president and president-elect—have seats on the Student Local Sections Council.

The Student Local Sections Council is overseen by the Local Section Council and the Vice Chair of the Local Sections Council is responsible for advising the student council.

Student Local Sections Council Charter

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the Student Local Sections Council, review the Student Local Sections Council Charter.