In early 2020, the Academic Advisory Group was formed to recommend strategies that will strengthen the IH/OEHS academic community and, ultimately, the profession.

The Academic Advisory Group maintains the following strategic priorities:

  • Enhancements to the evaluation process of academics so that training high-level practitioners is a valued outcome. In reality, too often only the research that is conducted and the research funds that are brought in are considered.
  • Addressing the changing nature of work, and workforce, characteristics, and how the academic community can better prepare students to address these challenges. Academic researchers need to be adequately funded to pursue research aligned with these trends (e.g., practical tools and methods for assessing and managing exposure risks).
  • Brainstorming ways to boost student recruitment into IH/OEHS programs.
  • Evaluating how current curricula can be improved upon to retain more IH/OEHS students through graduation. This includes integrating NIOSH areas of practice and other topics “from the field” that are of value and interest to the next generation of IH professionals (e.g., defining new exposure assessment strategies).
  • Identifying new “next-generation” educational content targeted at undergraduates, thereby helping institutions better prepare students for more specialized careers.
  • Working through NIOSH, ABET, and others, strengthening current standards for outcome-based syllabi.

For more information, please contact Larry Sloan, FASAE, CAE (Staff Liaison).


OEHS Career Professional Award

This award is presented to an individual or individuals (up to 2) who have made significant contributions to OEHS, above and beyond their typical job responsibilities. This can include contributions in the area of student development, mentoring, or early career guidance. Nominees must have demonstrated a commitment to promoting the profession of OEHS, advancing the profession among students and early career professionals, and/or providing guidance and mentorship to students or early-career professionals. This award is presented by the AIHA Academic Advisory Group and the AIHA Student and Early Career Professionals Committee. This year’s recipient is Georgi Popov, PhD, QEP, CSP, ARM, SMS, CMC, FAIHA

Georgi Popov Headshot
Georgi Popov