AIHA/ACGIH Academic Advisory Group

This group has been put on hiatus effective February 2024.

In early 2020, the Academic Advisory Group was formed to recommend strategies that will strengthen the IH/OEHS academic community and, ultimately, the profession. This group is a collaborative partnership and open to both AIHA and ACGIH members.

The Academic Advisory Group maintains the following strategic priorities:

  1. Identify ways in which AIHA can help our academic community be better positioned to respond to change
  2. Facilitate ways to boost student recruitment into IH/OEHS programs
  3. Explore sensible ways to supplement/enhance current student curricula that reflect real-world rubrics (e.g., intro to OEB, exposure assessment e-tools/EDA Registry, fundamentals of toxicology, biohazards)

Completed Activities

  1. Updated STEM college student recruitment material – available on
  2. Expanded scope for original Golden Seed Award; now OEHS Career Champion Award
  3. New education for Exposure Decision Analysis (EDA Registry)
  4. Created a new Academic Web Portal featuring free resources available to the public

In Progress/Ongoing Activities include:

  1. Ongoing additions to the Academic Web Portal
  2. Introducing Defining the Science (DTS) research ideas to faculty
  3. CPAG proposal re: new communications piece about emerging IH risks (e.g., supply chain risk management, robotics, automation)
  4. Repository of textbooks and other reference materials by academic degree type
  5. Cross-over engagement with Improving Exposure Judgment Advisory Group to introduce faculty/students to EDA Registry, videos of “walking tours” around industrial settings
  6. In discussions with various stakeholders to develop new courses for students (e.g., intro to toxicology, biohazards)



Questions? Please contact Larry Sloan, FASAE, CAE, AIHA CEO.