Purpose and Objectives

AIHA seeks energetic volunteers to identify Internet videos that captures the work performed in each IH profile market segment constructed in the first phase of the project. These video presentations should:

  • Provide background information about the overall market segment
  • Discuss or show some of the hazardous industrial operation or process
  • Discuss or show some of the occupational health hazards within the industry
  • Reference industry consensus or governmental standards

The second phase of the project will provide visual learners with the opportunity to connect the tables developed in the first phase of the project that identify IH profiles by market segment with videos of the industrial operations and processes. Together they can provide a valuable resource for learning.

With ongoing learning priorities to present information quickly, these brief videos should be concise and descriptive to provide students, early career professionals, and OEHS professionals transitioning into the industry to better understand the operations and processes along with any potential occupational health hazards. The already constructed IH profiles by market segment is another tool to connect the various operations and occupational hazards for those individuals who investigate, survey or audit these market segments for potential occupational health hazards and their associated risk.

If you are interested in working on this phase of the CPAG project, please complete the submission form below. All work must be completed within 6 months. All members of the team can receive CM points for CIH recertification based on the number of hours worked and students can receive credit for graduation.

Project Team Selection Process

The process of selecting new team members begins with an open call for applications to the AIHA membership. Non-AIHA members can also apply as well. Applications will be reviewed, and selections will be made by the Project Team Lead and AIHA Board member, Bernard Fontaine.

Project Team Responsibilities

  • Attend all scheduled conference calls
  • Adhere to project deadlines

General Time Commitment

  • Conference calls every two weeks for the several months and monthly thereafter
  • Email correspondence as needed

Submissions will be accepted until December 15, 2021.