CIH Crash Course

24 Contact hours 

Preparing to take the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) exam is a huge step towards advancing your career.

This online CIH review course is designed to help you focus your studies on the key areas you need to know and has been recently updated to reflect the current CIH exam.

Learn at your own pace with access to the following resources: 
  • 24 hours of presentations, videos and practice questions
  • Separate modules for each of ABIH's 17 rubrics
  • Practice quiz questions at the end of each module
  • A 180-question CIH practice exam
  • Access to 400+ flashcards accessible via the quizlet mobile app​
Face your exam with confidence and gain a better understanding of the complex topics covered.

Pricing: $950 Member/$1,135 Non-Member

"Ian’s CIH review course was the main emphasis of my exam preparation and helped me pass the exam on my first try. I give the course and instructor my highest endorsement!  This 19 module course takes you through each major topic on the exam. Ian’s unassuming, efficient, and mildly humorous approach to each module presentation made preparing for the exam almost fun."

Course Presenter
Ian Cull, CIH, PE is an IH consultant based in Chicago, IL.  His specialty is indoor air quality, an area he has worked in since 1995.  He has served as Board Member and Technical Director of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). Ian Cull owns Indoor Sciences and has taught exam prep classes for over 15 years with the IAQA.

Learning Level
Experienced: Has a thorough understanding of the content area and work experience including application and evaluation of the content/concepts in a variety of contexts; can vary performance based on unique situations.

Course Outline
Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 Basic Science
Module 3 Analytical Chemistry 
Module 4 Toxicology
Module 5 Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Module 6 Work Environments & Industrial Processes
Module 7 Community Exposure
Module 8 Health Risk Analysis
Module 9 Biohazards
Module 10 Air Sampling and Instrumentation
Module 11 Noise
Module 12 Nonionizing Radiation
Module 13 Ionizing Radiation
Module 14 Thermal Stressors
Module 15 Ergonomics
Module 16 Ventilation / Engineering Controls
Module 17 Non-engineering Controls
Module 18 IH Program Management
Module 19 Final Practice Exam 

​Who Will Benefit 
This online self-study course will benefit busy IH/OEHS professionals who are working to obtain their CIH designation.

Time to Complete
This course will take approximately 24 hours to complete. You will have up to 12 months from your enrollment date to complete your coursework and submit for credit.
Web Course Materials
This course provides streaming access to the presentation modules, module practice questions, and practice question review videos. All course handout materials are provided as PDF downloads via the online classroom (registrant-access only). No hardcopy materials are mailed for this course. 

Registrants connect and get unlimited 24/7 web access for 12 months. This registration is for 1 student only, and access cannot be shared with others. 

To successfully submit credit for this course in the online classroom, participants must complete each module in its entirety and pass the CIH Practice Exam.  The CIH Practice Exam has a five-hour time limit on each exam attempt and to pass you must receive a score of 70% (126 questions out of 180). 

An online evaluation of the course is included as part of the credit submission process.  

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