What if I can’t participate in a live Virtual PDC?

We strongly encourage you to join the event live, to take full advantage of the interaction and communication with the instructor and other participants. But if you are unable to participate live, you’ll have access to the recording for 90 days. You’ll be notified via email once the recording becomes available. After a live event, recordings take 3-5 business days to appear in the Online Classroom.

Can I send someone else to participate for me?

A non-registered attendee may not attend an AIHA educational offering “on behalf" of another party. Doing so means that the individual and the other party are engaging in unethical behavior that is in violation of AIHA’s policies and will be sanctioned by removal of education credit and refusal to allow registration at any further educational offerings. Please note that we also do not allow registered participants to send AI tools to participate on their behalf.

Can I transfer my live Virtual PDC registration to a colleague if I'm unable to attend?

The deadline to transfer a live virtual PDC registration to another colleague is 48 hours before a live virtual PDC takes place.

Can I cancel my live Virtual PDC registration?

While live Virtual PDC registrations are nonrefundable, we will allow a registrant to transfer the registration to another live Virtual PDC within 48 hours of the initial live online PDC registration. Please note there may be additional charges if transferring to a higher credit-hour offering.

How do I access a live Virtual PDC?

Log into the Online Classroom via https://learning.aiha.org using your AIHA credentials. If you don’t know your password, click “Forgot Password” to reset. Once you’re logged in, click “Events”. Click the live online PDC title and then “view now” to launch zoom.

How do I get credit for participating in a live Virtual PDC?

The online classroom automatically tracks your activity. To receive credit for viewing a live Virtual PDC or online PDC recording, you must view the session in its entirety, A certificate will be created in the online classroom and your AIHA transcript will be updated.

    Do live Virtual PDCs offer closed captioning?

    During our live Virtual PDC, Zoom's live transcription feature can automatically provide captions.

    I need proof of attendance for certification. How do I obtain proof?

    Viewing the live Virtual PDC in its entirety opens up a certificate in the online classroom and updates your AIHA transcript. Your AIHA transcript is considered the official record of your education with us.

    How do I ensure my computer system is ready for the live Virtual PDC?

    We recommend performing a system test prior to the live Virtual PDC, to minimize distractions from your participation. You can perform this simple system test at https://zoom.us/test. Additional documentation on the system requirements to access the online classroom is available here: System Requirements - Path LMS Help Docs (elevio.help)

    What does a PDC stannd for?

    Professional Development Course.

    I’ve taken the system test and am running into issues. I think my company’s firewall might cause an issue with my participation. What steps should I take ahead of time?

    Please contact us at [email protected] so we can submit a support request on your behalf.