Burton Field Guide for Industrial Hygiene, 2nd Edition

This unique guide is a must-have for everything you need to know about common industrial gases and chemicals, including raw technical data from an engineering perspective.

Chapters cover thermal conditions, ergonomics, PPE and respirators, standards and guidelines, and sound and noise.

What’s inside:

  • Updated guidelines for ventilation in healthcare facilities.
  • Checklists for exhaust fan maintenance, indoor air contaminant sources, and more.
  • Relevant standards and guidelines sources for various topics critical to the IH profession.
  • Terms and definitions, equations, monographs, and charts.
  • And so much more!

The 2nd edition layout has also been improved for an easier read. Get your copy today!

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Check out this preview of the new 2nd edition, with a full table of contents and part of the first chapter.