The Ear Poisons: An Introduction to Ototoxicants Webinar Recording

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1 Contact Hour

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This webinar goes beyond hearing loss caused by noise to discuss ototoxicants, ear poisons that enter the worker’s body through inhalation and absorption.

We will address the etiologies of hearing loss, be it by exposure to noise or chemicals. In addition, we’ll define chemicals that are classified as ototoxicants and explain the protocols used for this designation, as well as the latest research with regards to the effects of dual exposure with noise.

Practical national and international recommendations for the management of exposure to these kinds of agents will also be included.

Learning Objectives:  

  •  Understand the differences between hearing loss stemming from noise versus exposures to ototoxicants.
  • Learn about the latest research regarding ototoxicants, such as the most common chemicals that are toxic to the ear and the effects of co-exposure with noise.
  • Become aware of national and international guidelines that can be applied in your workplace to reduce the impact of ototoxic chemicals on the workforce.


Eduardo Shaw earned his bachelor’s degree in occupational safety from Northern Illinois University and master’s degree in industrial hygiene from Texas A&M University.

Shaw has more than 25 years of experience in the field of safety and industrial hygiene in the United States and Latin America, in the petrochemical, construction, and telecommunication sectors. Currently, he’s the EHS Manager for Latin America at Ericsson.

Along with his experience, Shaw has presented and taught in more than 30 conferences, seminars, and courses in eleven countries around the continent, and has led several translation projects of industrial hygiene resources for the benefit of Spanish-speaking colleagues.  

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